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Stoughton Traffic Issues


SCA ~ Helping make Stoughton a better place in which to live

The Stoughton Traffic Report (2006) highlighted the desire of Stoughton residents for a pan-Stoughton solutions to traffic, speeding and parking problems.  It was felt that solving a problem in one area would only move it to another.  This argument has been accepted by SCC Guildford Local Committee, and Stoughton has been placed on their list of 'minor schemes' as a special case.  A reslt of that is the Stoughton Parking Review.


Pan Stoughton On-Street Parking Review

Controlled Parking Zones

In June 2010, local residents and businesses were asked to comment on proposals to introduce new and amended parking restrictions in the Ashenden Estate, Park Barn / Westborough, Slyfield and Stoughton areas. The consultation was in response to concerns about on-street parking in these areas. Guildford Borough Council, in partnership with Surrey County Council, ran the consultation which included public exhibitions.

You can view the plans at: www.guildford.gov.uk/ParkingConsultation or use the links below.

Any objections or other representations, together with the grounds on which they are made, must be sent, in writing, to:

Kevin McKee (Parking Services Manager)
Guildford Borough Council
Parking Office
Laundry Road

by Friday 11th February 2011, quoting the following reference: KM/11/0001

Stoughton & Environs Plan 1 of 6 [440kb]

Stoughton & Environs Plan 2 of 6 [180kb]

Stoughton & Environs Plan 3 of 6 [751kb]

Stoughton & Environs Plan 4 of 6 [609kb]

Stoughton & Environs Plan 5 of 6 [435kb]

Stoughton & Environs Plan 6 of 6 [169kb]

Grange Road & Environs Plan 1 of 2 [265kb]

Grange Road & Environs Plan 2 of 2 [342kb]

Slyfield & Environs Plan 1 of 3 [249kb]

Slyfield & Environs Plan 2 of 3 [250kb]

Slyfield & Environs Plan 3 of 3 [388kb]

Southway & Environs Plan 1 of 5 [357kb]

Southway & Environs Plan 2 of 5 [422kb]

Southway & Environs Plan 3 of 5 [450kb]

Southway & Environs Plan 4 of 5 [317kb]

Southway & Environs Plan 5 of 5 [349kb]

Ashenden Estate [550kb]
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Stoughton is looking for volunteers for a local speed watch.  You will be trained to use speed guns. Please email chair@stoughtonca.org if you want to help our small unit reduce speeding cars through Stoughton, or contact PCSO Stephanie Quirk or Cllr Wendy May.

For information about Community Speedwatch schemes contact PCSO Stephanie Quirk on 08451252222 Ext:3095. See also Surrey Police Web-site.  If you prefer, please contact Cllr Wendy May wendy.may@guildford.gov.uk, 10 Grange Rd, Tel: Gfd 850799


Surrey Advertiser Letter on Grange Road 29th February 2008

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New Speed Visors

A number of tools help reduce speed on the County's roads. You may see infrastructure on the streets, such as traffic calming and safety cameras.  In areas where speed may be an issue, temporary 30mph posters provide a visual reminder of the speed limit to drivers. These stay up for a maximum of three months.

Speed visors attach to a lighting column, and contain a sensor that detects the speed at which a passing vehicle is travelling. If the vehicle is breaking the speed limit, the sign will flash up a reminder to the driver. These signs also record the information, allowing the level of traffic that is passing, and it's speed, to be monitored. This information can be used to justify further work, if necessary.

Additional information may be collected using a "blank" speed visor - this contains a sensor and records information, but does not have a sign attached. Comparing information collected on a blank visor with information from a visor with a sign, provides data to see if drivers take notice of the warning signs, and reduce their speed accordingly.

Speed visors are not cameras - information collected can not be used for enforcement. However if the information collected indicates a high level of speeding motorists, the Police can be requested to visit the location.


Stoughton Traffic Report

See SCA's Traffic Report page for more detail and progress.

SCA took up the challenge of identifying problems and solutions for Stoughton's traffic problems at a series of public Community Action Plan meetings at Stoughton Youth & Community Centre.  This started in November 2004 and a report was submitted to Surrey County Council on 21st June 2006. 

The report favours a holistic approach to solving Stoughton's traffic and parking problems, as we know solving one problem may just move it to another part of Stoughton. 

SCA recognise there is insufficient money to pay for it all in one go, so all we ask for is a strategic plan for a series of projects.

We have been in regular contact with County Highways asking for some action.

Thus far, we have succeeded in having Stoughton's 'various problems' registered on the County's list of 'Minor Schemes'.


SCA and County Highways recognise there are some very special problems in Grange Road and Manor Road, which are very narrow roads but treated as main roads with bus services etc.  See Grange Road page.


You may wish to fill out a survey at: www.saferguildford.org.uk

You may report a problem via the Surrey County Council web-site


Surrey County Council Transport Plan 2001-2006 Summary

SCC Local Transport Plan web-site



Q. What are Guildford Borough Council doing to help?

A. Passing the buck.  GBC Executive Minutes 13-Jul-06 [PDF]

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