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Social and Welfare Activities

In these days of cut-backs and closures, it is up to volunteer groups like SCA to fill the gap provided we have funding, volunteers and venues that are regularly available.   By sharing with other organisations in North Guildford, much more can be achieved for residents in Stoughton and North Guildford.

SCA is grateful to the South West Surrey Volunteers Association who are helping us plan various activities.

SCA is also grateful for the generosity of organisers at the Jacobs Well Village Hall, Stoughton Youth Centre, Methodist Church Hall and Lockwood Centre who are willing for their spare capacity to be used for activities supported by SCA, and likewise for the New Life Baptists and their new facility in QE Park.

Senior Luncheon Club

Meet every week at Jacobs Well Village Hall

Mondays 10.30 until 4.00 pm

Residents wishing to come, for catering purposes, should either call Maureen Bell on 01483 570 275 or have an email sent to mdhbell@talk21.com

Jacobs Well Village Hall

We recognise that some people who will want to attend are less likely to have access to emails, therefore please tell anyone you know in North Guildford.

Please download and print a few small advertisng posters.  Give to anyone thyat may be interested or put on display.  Seniors Luncheon Club [PDF]

As part of its plans to organise community social and welfare activities, SCA has been successful in obtaining a Grass Roots Grant from the Community Foundation, for organising a regular days out for the elderly in Stoughton and North Guildford.

Pattern Making and Garment Design Workshops - supported by SCA

Weekly, starting Tuesday 30th November, 7:30 - 10pm, Lockwood Centre, Slyfield

Learn how to make a pattern for yourself, which fits and can adapted to any style.  A fabric can then be selected and a suitable garment designed and made.  Beginners and all ages are welcome. 

Please call Maureen on 01483 570275 or email social@stoughtonca.org.  Numbers are limited so please waste no time in booking your place.

Watch this space!
  • Teenagers.  As there are practically no facilities for teenagers in North Guildford, SCA is proposing to help young people organise activities which they want.  We recognise that young people who may want to participate are not very likely to be on our mailing list therefore please forward this email or ask them to get in contact with us on youth@stoughtonca.org
  • Hobbyists.  We already have people interested in starting groups for digital photography, card making and knit'n'bitch.  If you are interested or if there are other activities you would like arranged then email social@stoughtonca.org, all suggestions will be welcomed.
  • Environmentalists.  There is a national movement encouraging groups to get together to help improve the local community.  Please contact secretary@stoughtonca.org to discuss ideas for helping improve the community and local environment.

Page last updated: 13-Feb-11