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Stoughton Team


Brian Cuff

Tel: 07901 513650


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PC David Harrison

Phone 101

PCSO Sheila Willis

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PCSO James Peppitt

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PCSO Peter Golding

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PCSO Rachel Yeomans

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Worplesdon Team


No CSW for Worplesdon

PC Mike Patey

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Westborough Team


Tracy James

Tel: 07767 475822

Richard Musgrove

Tel: 07876 578431

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PC Janet Ville

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PC Ryan Stephens

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PCSO Claire Woods

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PCSO Mark Hennessey

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A message from the Stoughton Team

Community safety is a complicated issue because different things affect different people, and in different ways.  Improving your perceptions of safety means finding out what things concern you.  That’s why we asked you to tell us what issues you wanted us to concentrate on for the next three years.   1400 households completed our ‘Fear of Crime Survey,’ and many of you helped to give us further feedback on our initial findings. 

All of the findings have now been used to develop a three-year Community Safety Strategy to tackle the most important issues identified.  The Safer Guildford Partnership has consulted residents, businesses and community organisations to make sure that our new strategy continues to reflect your key concerns.

The six priority areas that you have asked us to concentrate on are:

Making your neighbourhood safer by reducing antisocial behaviour and criminal damage

Making the town centre safer by reducing drunkenness, antisocial behaviour, damage

Reducing the serious crimes that concern you most, such as burglary and car crime

Making the roads safer by reducing traffic speeds and casualties

Reducing drug and alcohol-related crime and disorder by tackling persistent offenders with drug and alcohol dependencies. 

Making people safer in their homes by supporting victims of domestic abuse. 

 Now that we have your list of priorities, we can start our three-year programme to make our borough an even safer place to live, work and visit. 

The strategy booklet will be available at the beginning of May, and will show the priorities we are going to tackle over the next three years, and what we have to achieve to make a significant improvement in these areas.

Thank you all for your support, and remember, you can contact us about our strategy at any time by calling 01483 444 510.  To find out who is in your local Neighbourhood Team, please go to our web-site or call 01483 444 502.


What do all these roles mean?

Neighbourhood Specialist Officers (NSO) are local police/beat officers and custodians of an area. Wearing a police uniform, NSOs are the only members of the team who are authorised to tackle crime and disorder using prevention and enforcement. They are the only ones who can make arrests. Your NSO works with police colleagues, other local agencies, and the community on local crime reduction and reassurance .

Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) are employed by the police, but have limited enforcement powers. They act as a link between you and the police. They complement the work of the police by providing a reassuring, visible presence in the community, focussing on lower level crime and disorder, and anti-social behaviour. They can address the low-level offences that affect people's quality of life, like youth nuisance, criminal damage, litter and graffiti. They also encourage greater two-way communications between police and the public. Combined with their visible presence on the streets, this helps to reassure the community, as routine problems can be dealt with more quickly.

Community Safety Wardens (CSW) are employed by Guildford Borough Council, and provide a link between the community and the local authority. They are able to help with all the environmental issues that affect community safety, such as graffiti, litter, fly tipping, vandalism etc. They have no enforcement powers, but have an observe and report role. Clearly visible in their red tops, the effectiveness of the 'CSW' comes not from the power they possess, but from the way they help communities to develop, and the links that they establish with the local agencies that do have such powers, such as the Borough Council.

Community Development Workers (CDW) help people to voice their opinions and influence the direction of their community. They can also contribute to the improvement of community life, and the well-being of people who live there, by working alongside community members, as well as other workers and organisations. In particular, they support residents to come together and develop ideas through projects, groups and activities


Page last updated: 06-Nov-11