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At a public meeting on 22nd May 2002, SCCP was elected "to put a ‘heart’ into the ward by creating a really excellent community centre capable of providing facilities and services to each and every section of the community."


Since then, SCCP (with STAG) became constituted as Stoughton Community Association in November 2003, and a charity in March 2007.  QE Park developers converted the 'mixed use' building in QE Park with 3 retail units on the ground floor and community use on the middle and attic floors.  See below for details of the long drawn out saga of the planning approval process and the struggle to get the facility built.


At a public meeting on 8th June 2010, it was agreed that SCCP had completed the project as far as it was able, and to wish good luck to the New Life Baptists Church.  See SCA Newsletter ~ July 2010 #1.


For details of activities in the new building see Community Centre, Railton Road, QE Park.

View of the Mixed Use Building from Railton Road

(Budgens on left) November 2008

Planning Saga

The developers and GBC Planning Department have complete control of the external design and location of the building.   SCCP only has no influence on the internal layout of the community  facility, with only GBC building regs and County fire officers having some influence. In summary, almost everyone agrees that if anything like this was done again, the community and recreational facilities should be built first before any residents move in.

June 2010   SCCP hold a public meeting on 8th June to confirm that residents approve of the situation, that SCCP has completed its task and can wind up the project.
May 2010   The developers and GBC awarded the running of the centre to New Life Baptist Church, using funds subsidised by its congregation.  They have indicated the facility can be used by other local groups, but there is no guaranteed ongoing commitment for the benefit of all Stoughton residents.  NLBC Bid for QEP Community Centre.
April 2010   Despite some remaining building issues, QE Park developers asked for bids to be submitted for a 20 year lease of the community facilities in QE Park.  Developer's agents gave deadline of 7th April (1pm ) for bids to be submitted.  SCCP was unable to complete its bid because the developers refuse to make any commitment to changing the lease and meet their legal s106 obligations.  These are required to enable a 5 year business plan to be produced which is a pre-requisite to applying for grants from any funding body.
2009 Parklands Community Centre Marketing
The building must be nearing completion.

The building is marketed, and bids invited for lease of the community space.

SCCP and the developer's agents discuss the proposed lease.  SCCP consider the lease is designed for offices and multiple tenancies rather than a single community facility with retail units below.

SCCP continue to review the building plans and make site visits to monitor progress.  Raise concerns about inappropriate floor layouts and lack of reasonable sized kitchen.


The drawing is from plans drawn up in 2002 when the mixed use building was intended as a doctors surgery.  The changes are no chimneys, retail units on the ground floor and the community facilities on middle floor and attic.

2009   SCCP was waiting for the developers to provide details of building specification, maintenance costs and an agreed lease, which we needed to allow us to apply for various funding.  At this point we hadn't even seen a draft lease, and had no idea what the maintenance arrangement will be, although we did not support the obligation for QEP residents to maintain the external parts (or surrounding grounds).  However the S106 legal agreement says the rent should be peppercorn.
May 2008  

Surrey Advertiser Article about SCCP 2nd May 2008

Surrey Advertiser Letters about SCCP 9th May 2008

April 2008 GBC's QEP Report 24th July 2008 GBC Building Control Dept stop the building (again) because of incomplete plans.

GBC Legal product a report addressing the Community Centre and play area.  The report covers items considered by SCCP to be missing, and takes into account most of the concerns of QEP residents, and recommends that building should proceed.

March 2008

Stoughton Community Centre Needs Assessment Report (Final)

The independent needs assessment report (commissioned in Oct 2007) confirms there is a need for a new community  facility in Stoughton:

SCCP's Response to GBC re Needs Assessment Report

January 2008   GBC Building Control Dept stop the building because of incomplete plans, and inadequate piling for the foundations.

SCCP still has very little detail of what the internal arrangements of the current building will be like. 

October 2007   GBC Legal Dept is trying to mediate between all interested parties (developers, council, SCA/SCCP, QEPRA and who knows who else) to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement.  In December 2007 GBC commissioned an independent consultant from the Leisure & Tourism Organization (LTO) to write a report to assess the need for the community centre. 

A partial cause of the delays are the ongoing objections from QE Park Residents Association (QEPRA) and some residents.  A valid concern of theirs is the developers' insistence that residents pay towards the upkeep of the outside of the building, which the developers inserted into their S106 legal agreement with the council and into residents' deeds.  SCA/SCCP has requested the developers and the council remove this 'obligation', but they are unwilling to discuss and we have had no positive response.  Another concern is the lack of a business plan.  SCCP has not published its business plan because of the uncertainty over the facilities and the space the developers will allocate within the building, the lack of cost information from the developers and lease.  A further concern is the facility may attract users causing vandalism and associated costs which are borne by QEP residents. SCCP does not see why residents should pay for this.

July 2007  

On Monday July 2nd 2007, the developers unilaterally started building.  A letter drop to neighbouring properties in QE Park on the same day informed them building would start immediately.  The council said it was a surprise to them but they cannot stop it.  However at the end of January GBC Building Control stopped building because the developers had submitted incomplete plans.  The same thing happened again in April.

Is it building approved in 2002?

February 2007  02/P/01632 Surgery Sketch

QE Park Commercial Area

The developers tell us they no longer wish to use the plans approved in April 2006 for 'legal reasons' and wish to revert to plans for a smaller 627sqm 3-storey building approved in 2002 as part of the commercial area 02/P/01632 originally intended as a mixed use building, then a doctors surgery and now three retail units with community facility on top!

Whilst waiting, we learned that the lottery fund for community centres has closed, so now we are looking for alternative sources of funding.

April 2006  

On 4th April 2006, planning approval was given for the community centre and offices situated next to Budgens in QE Park (05/P/02467).  Thanks to everyone who gave their support.  However the developers have given decided to revert to plans approved in 2002 for a 627sqm 2.5-storey building (02/P/01632) of which we are told we can have the upper floor and attic, and the developers will profit from leasing retail units on the ground floor.  To be fair, when the original 2002 plan for the community building was on the green opposite and the current site was to be a doctors surgery, the developers intended to make a profit from the local Primary Care Trust, but it appears they were not consulted until afterwards and they turned it down.


 GBC Officers Report .  Council conditions are here.   


Whilst waiting, we learned we had lost our grant for PV panels because it had run out of time.

March 2006  

Application 05/P/02467 has been amended as requested by GBC; now without canopies and a slightly modified internal layout.

SCCP's response to 05/P/02467 (08-Jan-06)

December 2005 December 2005 Design Statement (6MB) Application withdrawn and replaced by a new application 05/P/02467.  Now with offices instead of flats, and includes an external play area (as requested by SCCP).  Has flat roofs - which are not good for PV panels.
August 2005 August 2005 Changes (1MB)

Application 05/P/00192 is slightly modified, with revised roof design and entrance doors further apart. 14 parking spaces have been 'allocated'.  Updated site plan. 

The developers eventually submitted the 'sound/noise report' that GBC Planning Dept. had asked for.

April 2005 ? Revisions have been prepared by the developers, but what is happening?  GBC are waiting for a 'sound/noise report'.
January 5th  2005

Developers Proposal (1MB) - drawings;


SCC Site Plan Dec 2004 (out of date and inaccurate)

Application 05/P/00192: Combined community centre 391sqm, management office 20sqm and 6 apartments approx. 70sqm each.   Now situated in place of the mixed use building in the QE Park 'town square'.


SCCP Response to GBC Planning Dept. (13th Feb '05)

December 23rd 2004   The developers submit their application for the combined community centre and 6 apartments, but GBC refuse to register it until a design statement is submitted.  A revised floorplan is submitted including a 'management office' and reducing the actual community space to from 411sqm to 391sqm. Detailed applications have not been submitted for either of the play areas shown on the village green in the outline plan.
December 9th 2004 Developers Proposal (1MB) - sketches QEP developers gave SCCP seven days to comment on new draft plans for a combined community centre and six apartments in place of the originally planned mixed use building in the 'town square' next to Budgens food store.

SCCP met with JTP architect to review possibilities for what was considered an impractical layout and sent a preliminary response to the developers and GBC, which was ignored.

November 11th 2004   Trinity Estates, management company for QEP, carry out poll to decide the location of the community centre and bus routes.

Developers and GBC no longer consider having the community centre on the village green as an option.  Alternative locations are sought.

September 6th 2004   SCA's letter to QEP Residents
June 28th 2004  

SCCP and QEP residents meet for a Q&A session at Stoughton Youth & Community Centre.

Developers put 'village green' plans on hold following objections from QE Park residents about building on green space.

June 6th 2004   Letter from SCCP to QEP Residents
April 26th 2004 Developer's Planning Application (2MB)

Final 'Village Green' Plans.  Application 04/P/00990

April 25th 2004  

SCCP help organise a community open afternoon at which SCCP learns:

 - many QEP residents are unaware of plans for a community  facility in QEP.

 - some thought it was only 150sqm instead of 390sqm

 - many didn't know the developers wanted to put it on the Village Green;

 - some thought it was only for QEP and not the whole of Stoughton.

Understandably there was a great deal of concern, and so SCCP start planning to hold a public meeting (28th June)

February 2004 390sqm design #3

Following a meeting with architects JTP* and Laing Homes using SCCP's updated design brief.

January 2004 Linden Homes 390sqm floorplans #2

After a meeting in November 2003 with DEPS* and developers at GBC* Millmead.

November 2003   SCA/SCCP is constituted.
October 2003 SCCP's floorplan ideas

An attempt by SCCP to find out if the design brief would fit into an external 390sqm footprint.

September 2003 Linden Homes 390sqm Design #1

New designs after Linden Homes realised the May design was too big and too expensive.


Also, around this time the developers discovered that because of sewers running alongside Railton Road, they could not put the Community building on the corner of the 'village green' with a link to the 'town square' and insisted it was moved to the middle of the green. 


Further investigation by SCCP also found that Linden Homes had built 'Phase 1' housing 14m further into the 'village green' than shown on the outline plan.  This reduced the overall size of the village green and meant the developers were very constrained about where to position the building alongside the 'equipped play area' and 'all weather sports arena'.  Site Plan with Drains, Oct 2003


The developers were also reviewing the proposed constitution for SCA.

May 2003 JTP floorplans

Good layout at last!  But nobody realised it was 488sqm external instead of 390sqm!

April 2003 JTP floorplans Sketch

Improving on SCCP's idea to comply with the design brief.

March 2003 Developer's Newsletter No.5  Showing the site layout approved by GBC in November 2002, and an artists impression of the 'town square' including the 'food store' and 'mixed use' building.
January 2003 STAG/SCCP's floorplan ideas

Just an idea to see if the design brief could fit into the Oct/Nov footprint.

November 2002 S106 Amendment 29 Nov 02 (1MB)
GBC planning committee approve the detailed plan for the QE Park Commercial Area (02/P/01632).  Including a 627sqm 'mixed use' building intended as a dedicated doctors surgery and a promise for a community building of between 370 and 390sqm (external) on the 'village green'.


The picture shows what was promised in 2002:

a whole building of 390sqm with an outside undercover play area!


"Blown away in December 2004"


October 2002 JTP Floorplans & JTP Elevations

Developers provide plans for a larger community  facility and seek STAG's support for the commercial area.   The  building is 382sqm internal, 448sqm external - used as basis for the S106 amendment Nov'02  (S106) on the corner of the 'village green' opposite Budgens.

September 2002   QE Park commercial area plans were updated to provide a 600sqm 2 storey 'mixed use' building as a doctors surgery and restaurant.  No specific location for a 150sqm community meeting hall.  Where is the hall?
July 2002   Developers submit first version of detailed plans for the QE Park Commercial Area (02/P/01632).  Including a promise that 150sqm of the 'mixed use' building could be for community use, and the remainder as a doctors surgery.
May 2002 Minutes & Draft occupancy plan

SCCP Committee elected by 120 attending a public meeting at Northmead School, with a mandate to establish a community facility for the whole of Stougton.  150sqm is not large enough to support the needs of the community. 

February 2002   QE Park residential building starts - Phases 1 & 2.
December 2001 Draft S106 Outline planning permission granted for 01/P/0881 and 01/P/0882.
August 2001   Plans revised to provide a 1,720sqm doctors surgery and no specific location for a 150sqm community meeting hall space.  In the series of public meetings, the developers also said there would be a restaurant, but this disappeared from the plans shortly before they were approved.
May 2001   Outline plans submitted for "525 dwellings, employment, nursing home, community facilities, retail, health and fitness centre, open space and associated roads." (01/P/0881 and 01/P/0882).  Including a 600sqm  'L' shaped 2/3 storey building as a doctors surgery and community meeting hall space.
August 1999   STAG Committee formed.  See STAG home page.
January 1999 QEPB Development Brief (Draft January 1999) - Main Doc

QEPB Development Brief (Draft January 1999) - Appendices

GBC issue development planning brief, and organise public consultation meetings.

Talk about 1,000 houses, 700 houses....


* GBC: Guildford Borough Council;  DEPS: Department of Environmental Planning Services (since 2005 called GBC Planning Dept);  Developers: Laing Homes and Linden Homes consortium;  JTP: John Thompson & Partners Architects for Laing Homes


Click here for a full listing of site plans, drawings etc.


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