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5th Annual General Meeting

Our 5th AGM will be held on Monday 31st January 2011, 7:30pm at Emmanuel Church

We want people to stand for the Offices of Treasurer, Secretary and Social Secretary. We would also like to hear from anyone who would be interested in standing for any other Office if they have a passion for it or suitable skills.

With our main focus no longer being to provide a community centre, we are effectively starting again from scratch.  Therefore, if you think SCA should alter its consitution, please provide details before 31st December so we can formalise these in time for the AGM.

Proposed changes to the constitution: None yet.

For the minutes of previous meetings, see SCA ~ Meeting Minutes



Current Committees
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General Committee Member nomination form

(please contact Ian Godfrey if you would like help with this form)

Committee Nominations Process

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Please contact  Ian Godfrey if you have any questions about nominations, election, forms or this process.


General Committee Member nomination form


All members of the General Committee stand down and can stand again for election at the AGM.  See the SCA Committees page for details of the General Committee.  For full details of the AGM see sections 8(a), 9 and 10 of the SCA Constitution.  

The chair and vice-chair are actually elected by other committee members at the first committee meeting after the AGM.  The only elections taking place at the AGM are for the Secretary and Treasurer, other Honorary Officers and Full Member Representatives.  Other committee members are representatives of affiliated groups, sections, statutory bodies and co-opted members determined by the committee.

All members of the General Committee are also be 'Charity Trustees'.  For details see sections 10(a), 10(f) and 21 of the constitution.  Details of the (not onerous) duties of a trustee can be provided on request.




AGM Agenda - see Clause 8(a)

  1. to receive the Annual Report of the General Committee

  2. to receive the accounts of the Association for the preceding financial year [to June 30th]

  3. to elect the Honorary Officers of the Association in accordance with Clause 9 [Secretary, Treasurer and other Officers]

  4. to note the names of the persons appointed/elected to serve as members of the General Committee under Clause 10 (a) (ii) - (iv) [representatives of Affiliated Groups, Sections, Statutory Authorities, Associate Members]

  5. to elect representatives of Full members to serve on the General Committee, in accordance with Clause 10 (a) (v) [four or more depending on the numbers appointed in 4 above]

  6. to appoint one or more qualified auditors or independent examiners for the coming year to audit or examine the accounts of the Association in accordance with the Charities Act 1993 (or any statutory modification or re-enactment of that Act) [until our income and expenditure reaches a threshold Charity law allows the cheaper option of independent examiners.]

  7. to consider and vote on any proposals to alter the constitution in accordance with Clause 23 [requires 28 days notice]

  8. to consider any other business of which due notice has to be given [requires 21 days notice]


Page last updated: 03-Jun-12