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Stoughton Community Association


Helping make Stoughton a better place in which to live



Stoughton Community Association (SCA)'s purpose is to:

(a) promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the 'SCA area of benefit'.

(b) build and run a community centre (see SCCP)

(c) do other charitable things, not covered by (a) and (b)

SCA is run by a voluntary group of local residents.  It is non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion. 

For more details on our constitution, click here.

SCA was constituted so it could build and run a community centre (b), but also hopes to become an 'umbrella' or 'network' of residents associations and other community groups, in furtherance of (a).  For more details about how and why the association was formed, click here.

Email: Ian Godfrey (SCA),  Maureen Bell (SCCP)

To email the whole committee, use committee@stoughtonca.org

To write: SCA, c/o Maureen Bell, 27 Bryanstone Ave, Stoughton, GU2 9UN

Charity registration number 1118348 

SCA Constitution

Financial year July 1st to June 30th.


For a history of how SCA got started, see STAG and SCCP.



Page last updated: 03-Jun-12