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SCA monitors planning applications in Stoughton and those in surrounding areas that affect Stoughton residents.  Below are details of those current and past applications that SCA think may concern residents.


>> CLICK HERE - to lodge an objection on the Guildford Borough web-site


Alternatively you can use the online facility at: www.guildford.gov.uk/acolnet/


SCA's main concerns are about infill and over development in Stoughton where there is in our opinion poor road and community infrastructure, or at the very least, poor co-ordination.  Stoughton ward has problems with delays on main routes causing rat-running, dangerous driving and bad parking, as well as there being insufficient public community facilities or public open space with play areas.  SCA also feels the community lacks a 'heart' for a number of reasons, which is a major reason for wanting a purpose built community centre.


"As an association, SCA cannot possibly condone this sort of action, but it does show the depth of feeling in Stoughton on planning issues."



North Guildford Alliance


The North Guildford Alliance is an alliance of community associations campaigning to prevent new housing development and protect residents' access to Whitmoor Common. 

Guildford Borough's 'interim SPA strategy' allows housing development within 5km of Whitmoor Common on the basis that each developer contributes additional planning gain money towards upgrading alternative open spaces, known as SANGS (suitable accessible natural green space).  The strategy assumes the residents of new housing in North Guildford drive past Whitmoor Common to open space called Riverside in Burpham instead.  The Council have admitted this method of protecting wildlife on Whitmoor Common is unlikely to work and English Nature (now Natural England) may implement their strategy of restricting access to Whitmoor Common by closing car parks.   Consequently, existing residents will suffer because of houses being built in an already overdeveloped area.

For more information on how you can help, by objecting to new housing developments, see SCA's page on Whitmoor Common.


See page on Stoughton Grange School for more details of plans to build a care home.


See page on Whitmoor Common and the effect this has on development in Guildford since the European Habitats Directive took effect on Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area (TBHSPA).


To send an email to the entire GBC Planning committee, click here.  The committee consists of 23 members and 11 substitutes.


Please see the Stoughton Community Action Plan pages for details of how SCA is involved in helping develop local planning policies.  SCA can only do this with your help.


Guildford Borough Council Planning Applications


Recent Planning Applications in the Local Area

SCA will get involved in local planning issues if requested by local residents.  SCA cannot get involved in private disputes or between neighbours.  In all cases, your local ward councillors are the best people to contact for advice on planning issues.

The list below includes applications in 'the SCA area', which includes all of Stoughton ward and some parts of Westborough and Worplesdon Parish wards.  This list is provided on a best endeavours basis and should not be considered full or complete.  It only includes applications that might cause concern to a significant number of local residents.  This includes applications in further parts of Westborough and Worplesdon because continued housing development may endanger our future access to Whitmoor Common, which is one of the few areas of open space accessible to Stoughton.  To understand why, see SCA's page on Whitmoor Common and the North Guildford Alliance (NGA). 

Please see GBC online Planning Website for more information, details and for older planning applications, and to submit comments online.  For details of how to object see our page on Successfully Objecting to Planning Applications.

Applications and Appeals under Current Consideration

S=Stoughton, W=Westborough or Worplesdon.




10/P/00196 Variation of Condition 30 of 01/P/00881, approved 30/10/2001 to delete requirement for the local areas for play (LEAP) on site to be submitted.











2010 Applications - already decided.

10/P/00176 Pavement area at front of 135-137 Worplesdon Road, Guildford, GU2 9XA.  Prior Notification under Part 24 of the Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 for re-siting of one KX100 style telephone kiosk from land outside 147 Worplesdon Road [this 'paves' the way for new parking bays in front of the shop parade]  
10/P/00184 Junction of Worplesdon Road &, Somertons Close, Guildford.  Prior notification under Part 24 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (as amended) for the replacement of an existing 10m mast (replica telegraph pole) with a 12.5m mast (replica telegraph pole) supporting 6 antenna and one additional equipment cabinet.  Delegated refusal 15/03/10.  

2009 Applications - already decided.


2008 Applications - already decided.

08/P/02199 Northmead Junior School, Grange Road, GU2 9PZ. Extension of existing car park to provide 10 additional spaces into two accessible bays. [Registration 10/12/2008]  Delegated approval 19/03/09. S
08/P/01925 Keens Lane, Guildford Shades Marquees, GU3 3JS. Erection of 14 Dwellings comprising of 2x2 Bed Houses, 2x3 Bed Houses, 5x4 Bed Houses, 5x5 Bed Houses with associated landscaping, all following the demolition of all existing buildings on site.  [Registration 22/10/2008]  Note: 14 dwellings is the maximum number allowed that avoids the need for the developer to provide a percentage of affordable houses.    Delegated refusal 19/01/09. W

08/P/01926 Stoughton Grange Junior School, Grange Road, GU2 9PZ. Erection of a part two/part three storey building containing sixteen care apartments and a fifty one bed care home and a two storey building containing eight care apartments and associated parking and landscaping following demolition of existing school buildings (amendment to 07/P/0621 approved on 12/01/2007). [Registration 22/10/2008]  Carebase asked to meet with SCA to discuss these amendments they wanted to make on the proposed home at the Stoughton Grange School site. It was a good meeting and a model for how planning should be done, and have SCA have no objections.  Delegated approval 19/01/09.


2 Broomfield, Westborough, GU2 8LH, 07/P/02538 Erection of a two storey side extension to form 2 x 1 bedroom flats with associated parking (as amended by plans received on 20/12/2007).  [Registered 04/12/2007]  This is a another garden grabbing attempt for this land: 06/P/02098 for 2 one-bed flats was withdrawn; 07/P/00638 for a 3-bed dwelling was refused but won on appeal; this is same appearance as 07/P/00638 but for 2 x 1 bedroom flats.  13 objections.  Went to committee 19th Feb.  Officer's Report Refused 19th Feb.  Appeal APP/Y3615/A/08/2073035 allowed with conditions and costs awarded because "no evidence has been submitted to demonstrate that the level of activity generated by the proposal would harm the residential character of the area"!

08/P/01640 Queen Elizabeth Park, Variation of condition 27 of 01/P/00881, approved 30/10/2001 to allow various tree works to 69 individual trees in Queen Elizabeth Park, as detailed in schedule. [Registration 19/08/2008] Delegated approval 05/11/2008.  Note there have been a spate of tree applications relating to QE Park in recent weeks, not just this one, some approved, some refused. W
254 Worplesdon Road, 08/P/01177, GU2 9XH.  Erection of 14 flats with associated parking and landscaping, comprising one block of 10 x 2 bedroom flats and one 3 bedroom flat fronting Worplesdon Road and one block of 3 x 2 bedroom flats adjacent to Thornton Close. [Registration 19/06/08] Delegated refusal and withdrawn 16-Sep-08.


  1. 29 bedroooms with only 10 parking spaces will encourage on street parking (against Parking SPD). Surrounding areas suffer from saturated parking the SPD allows for special consideration where parking is problematic or dangerous.

  2. Access to the site will be dangerous contravenes policy G1(2).

  3. Size and mass will dominate the surrounds this contravenes G5(2)

  4. The new development fills the plot destroying the feeling of space that the current development offers this contravenes policy G5(3)

  5. It is impossible to build something of this mass without depriving neighbours of sunlight. Policy G1(3) states that neighbours amenities should not be affected.

  6. The development will be out of keeping with surrounds contravening Policy H4.

  7. The development will have a detrimental effect on the area, contravening policy H7 - not accepted by officers!

Vodafone mast 08/P/01409 Road verge by playing field opp. junction with Grange Road, Railton Road. Prior Approval application under Part 24 of the Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (as amended) for the installation of an eight metre high imitation telegraph pole mast and associated equipment cabinet and ancillary development.  [Registered 24/07/08] Delegated refusal 12-Sep-08.  Various reasons for refusal including too many other masts.  Appeal S
84-88a, Aldershot Road, GU2 08/P/01075 Erection of 11 new houses, comprising 6 x 3 bed semi-detached houses, a terrace of 3 x 3 bed houses and 2 x 2 bed maisonettes following demolition of existing dwellings [registered 04-Jun-08]  Delegated refusal 02-Sep-08.


Various reasons for refusal (see 08/P/01075), including:

1. Insufficient parking

2. Site access will be dangerous

3. Dominating

4. Overdevelopment.

5. Out of keeping with surrounds

6. Affects amenities of neighbours




Tangley Place, Worplesdon Road, GU3 08/P/00853 Outline application for erection of part three storey, part two storey building comprising residential care home (class C2) for the elderly with associated car parking, following demolition of all existing buildings and oversite slabs.  [Registered 02/05/2008]  Comments due by 13/06/2008. This is a repeat of 07/P/02310 that was refused permission 21-Jan-08 and is now subject to appeal (see below).  See SCA page.  

This building is still far too large.  Instead of an office style building there should be something residential in nature like the building that was was burnt out.  If an office style building is allowed, then it will allow similar applications in future and the possibility of another office park on the entrance to Guildford.  Delegated refusal 01-Aug-08.

HAIRDRESSERS, 08/P/01107, 30 Woodbridge Hill, Stoughton, GU2 9AB Erection of part three storey part single storey rear extension to shop and flat.  [Registration 11/06/08] Previous application 06/P/2316 was for demolition and replacement - see 2006 below.   Delegated approval 09-Jul-08.


142 Grange Road, GU2 9QT 08/P/00808  Erection of a two storey building comprising four 2 bedroom flats following demolition of existing dwelling.  [Registered 02/05/2008] Comments due by 05/06/2008.  Delegated refusal 19-Jun-08. "unduly bulky and out of character with the existing pattern of development, and would represent an overdevelopment of the site"

The development will impinge upon neighbours light and privacy Policy G1(3)

6 parking spaces for four two bedroom flats will cause parking to overflow onto Grange road - specifically against the parking SPD.

The size and mass will be out of keeping with the immediate surrounds. Policy H4

The application wants to replace a bungalow with a two storey block of flats:

6B Aldershot Road, GU2 8AF 08/P/01123 Change of use of flat to A1 retail and erection of first floor extension to provide one bed flat. [Registered 12/06/2008]  Delegated refusal 22/07/2008.  W
[Allotment] Land adjoining garage court at Oakfields.  08/P/01219  Move existing allotment fence 2 metres forward and relocate access gate 10 metres to the east to allow access over public land.  Application made by GBC registered 25/06/08.  Withdrawn 30/07/08. W
124 - 128 Worplesdon Road, 08/P/00222, GU2 9RT.  Erection of a two storey retail unit (A1) with associated car parking following demolition of existing petrol filling station. [Registered 11/02/2008] Revised Plans 19-Feb-08.  This is for another larger retail unit to replace the car wash by the same developer who had 07/P/02207 approved  See SCA Page.  Delegated approval 17-Jun-08. S
Pavement adjoining 165 Park Barn Drive, GU2, 08/P/00741 Installation of a radio base station, 9 metre slim line monopole mast and associated equipment cabinets. [Registered 17/04/2008] This mast is an obstruction.  Comments due by 19/05/08.  Approved by planning committee 11-Jun-08. W
4a Southway, GU2 8DA, 08/P/00726 Erection of 4 x 1 bed flats with parking for 2 cars and a cycle store following demolition of existing detached house. [Registered 18/04/2008]  Existing house is fine.  This is not new affordable housing.  This area does not need more student lets.  Delegated refusal 09-Jun-08.  "cramped plot and unduly prominent within the street scene"  "unduly overbearing for the residents of this property" "car parking is inadequate" W
72 Waltham Avenue, 07/P/01934 GU2 9QE.  Erection of a pair of semi-detached houses, following demolition of existing dwelling and garage. [Registered 11/09/07]  Blatant garden grabbing! This the 3rd attempt by the owner to squeeze multiple houses into a plot where one house stood.  Previous attempts were 07/P/01299 and 06/P/00515 below.   20 letters of objection.  Refused 06/11/07.   Appeal lodged 13 Feb 08 APP/Y3615/A/08/2062716.  Appeal dismissed!    See SCA page S
The Civic Hall and associated Civic Hall Car Park Site, London Road, GU1 2AA 08/P/00227,  Erection of a replacement Civic Hall with increased capacity of the main auditorium, additional toilet facilities and other minor alterations and the rationalisation of the public car park to accommodate 220 car parking spaces (Revision to 07/P/00850 approved 23/07/2007). [Registered 05/02/2008]  Approved at committee 28-Apr-08. G

27 Woodbridge Hill, 08/P/00317, GU2 9AA.  Variation of condition 3 of appeal APP/Y3615/A/07/2040523/NWF approved 16/07/2007 for planning application 06/P/02605 to allow deliveries from the premises Monday -Saturday between 18:00 -23:00 and Sunday and bank holidays between 18:00-22:30 to be made by a car and not a moped.  [Registered 22/02/2008] 

EXISTING conditions are:

Opening Hours: 08002300 hours Monday to Saturday and 11002230 hours on Sundays, Bank and Public Holidays

Delivery Hours: 08001800 Monday to Saturday (no deliveries outside these hours nor at any time on Sundays, Bank and Public Holidays)

This application is identical to 07/P/01913, which was refused 19-Oct-07. Local residents do not want more cars.  If this condition is relaxed, it could mean any number of cars night and day. 

Delegated refusal 18-Apr-08.  Appeal APP/Y3615/A/08/2084848 dismissed 03/03/2009.

73 Beckingham Road, 08/P/00312, GU2 8BU.  Erection of three two storey terraced houses with rooms in the roof and associated car parking, following demolition of existing house. [Registered 21/02/2008]

Delegated refusal 17-Apr-08.  Overdevelopment, compromise the character of the area.  Appeal APP/Y3615/A/08/2087713 dismissed 27/02/2009.


65 Broadacres, Worplesdon, 08/P/00248, GU3 3BD.  Outline application for a detached three bedroom house with associated parking following demolition of detached garage at 65 Broadacres.  [Registered 15/02/2008]  This is a repeat of application 06/P/02653 with was refused Feb 2007.   Delegated refusal 11-Apr-08.  Overdevelopment, by virtue of size and scale, carmped appearance.  Building on the corner plot would have an adverse affect on the open nature of this part of the estate, character and context.  Protected Silver Birch tree.

72 Waltham Avenue, 08/P/00237, GU2 9QE.  Erection of a pair of semi-detached houses, following demolition of existing dwelling and garage. [Registered 12/02/08]  This the 4th attempt by the owner to squeeze multiple houses into a plot where one house stood.  Previous attempts were 07/P/01299, 06/P/00515 & 07/P/01934 below.  Refused at Planning Committee 09-Apr-08.  By virtue of their width, orientation and the location of the proposed parking would result in a cramped appearance and an overdevelopment of the site.  The parking layout as proposed would result in an unsatisfactory and impractical arrangement due to the narrowness of the width of the land and the conflict between users of the car parking spaces reversing out, combined with tandem parking proposed for the three bedroom house.  See SCA page S

3 Cabell Road, Westborough, GU2 8JG, 08/P/00137, Conversion of existing garage and shed into a two storey one bedroom house [Registered 25/01/2008] The new dwelling will actually front Broomfield.  Delegated refusal 20/03/08.  by virtue of its location is out of keeping with the uniform pattern of housing in the area. Furthermore due to its elevated position it will result in a visually prominent building that is at odds with the character of the area.  The proposed dwelling, by virtue of its height, bulk and mass, in combination with its elevated position and close proximity to 49 and 51 Cabell Road will result in a dominant and overbearing dwelling that will result in a loss of light to these properties.    The proposed dwelling does not make any provision for a minimum of 10% of the energy requirement to come from renewable resources .  The proposed development makes no provision for car parking within the site and furthermore will result in the loss of a single garage.

Appeal APP/Y3615/A/08/2079942 dismissed 04/11/08.


Keens Lane Worplesdon 07/P/02626 - Erection of 38 dwellings comprising 6x1 bed flats, 7x2 bed flats, 4x2 bed houses and 9x4 bed houses, car parking, play area, landscaping and improved access onto Keens Lane following demolition of all existing buildings. [Registered 13/12/2007] This is a repeat/amendment of 07/P/01809 approved 22/11/07.  Approved at planning committee 11/03/08.  See Officers Report See SCA page.


Avenbury, Woking Road, Jacobs Well, GU4 7PS, 07/P/02664, Erection of a two storey detached house following demolition of existing garage.  [Registered 17/12/2007] 

(Previous 07/P/00257 refused 05/04/07, and 07/P/01068  refused 10/08/07 and also refused on appeal APP/Y3615/A/07/2042986 27-Sep-07). 

Refused at planning committee 11/03/08.  The proposed house, by virtue of its size, scale and close proximity to the existing house of Avenbury, would result in a visually dominant form of development, which would have an overbearing impact on the residents of that property.  Officers Report


2 Woodbridge Hill, Stoughton, GU2 9AB, 08/P/00058, Erection of an attached one bedroom house. [Registered 14/01/2008] Withdrawn 27/02/08

- This is the 3rd application for this site - the previous 2 have been rejected because of local opposition.

25 Little Platt, Westborough, GU2 8JU, 08/P/00037, Erection of a detached three bedroom house with cycle and refuse stores, following demolition of existing garage. [Registered 11/01/2008] Previous application 07/P/02396 on this site was for a detached building with two one bedroom flats, which was withdrawn after 16 objections.  14 objections this time.  Went to committee 19th Feb.  Site visit recommended.   Approved at planning committee 26/02/08.  Officer's Report W
Tangley Place Worplesdon, 07/P/02463 Outline application for erection of part two storey with rooms in the roof and part single storey building for office (B1a) use with provision of car parking and cycle store at lower ground floor level and new access off Salt Box roundabout following demolition of existing buildings and oversite slabs. [Registered 22/11/2007]   This is just too big, is overdevelopment and out of character.  See also 07/P/02310 for a care home on the same site, which was refused on 21-Jan-08.  See SCA page.    Delegated refusal 22nd Feb.    W
1, 3, 5, Aldershot Road (Land to the rear of), Westborough, GU2 8AE 07/P/02647 Erection of a pair of two storey semi-detached houses.  [Registered 18/12/2007] Comments required by 25/01/2008.   This is a repeat of 06/P/02103,  erection of a pair of two storey semi-detached dwellings following demolition of existing garage, approved 21/11/07, but is a bit deeper.   14 objections.  Went to committee 19th Feb.  Officer's ReportApproved 19th Feb. W
Tynley, Clay Lane, Jacobs Well, GU4 7PF, 07/P/02669, Erection of three, two storey detached houses and detached garage following demolition of existing dwelling. [Registered 21/12/2007]  Delegated refusal 15th Feb.  Click here for the Officer's Report W
130 Worplesdon Road and 82 New Cross Road  07/P/02207 Reserved Matter Application pursuant to Outline permission 04/P/01779 for erection of part two storey/part three storey block of 10 x two bed flats and 4 x One bed flats with associated parking and landscaping, to consider external appearance, bin store and landscaping details.  [Registered 16/10/07]See SCA Page.  Delegated approval 11/02/2008.  S

Land at 11, The Crescent, Westborough, 07/P/02610 Outline application for erection of a detached two storey dwelling.  [Registered 14/12/07]  Blatant garden grabbing!  18 objections including SCA & WBDRA's.  Refused 8th Feb on grounds of affecting character and context, policies H4 and G5(2).


116 Manor Road, Stoughton, GU2 9NR 07/P/02575 Erection of attached two storey house and minor alterations to existing house, following demolition of existing detached garage.  [Registered 10/12/2007]  Blatant garden grabbing!  14 objections including SCA & WBDRA's.  Refused 6th Feb on grounds of affecting character and context, policies H4 and G5(1), and overdevelopment, policies H4 and G5(10).


Headway House 07/P/00493 North Road, Stoughton, GU2 9PU Erection of a two storey building incorporating day centre and four flats, a two storey terrace of 6 houses and associated car parking and landscaping following demolition of existing day centre. [Registered 12/03/07]SCA has mixed feelings about this.  As we have not been consulted by Headway, we must object.  For more details see SCA page. 29 objections including SCA.  Amendments received 27/04/04.  Refused 7th June.  SCA wrote to Headway to seek an amicable solution.  Application has now gone to appeal APP/Y3615/A/07/2053373.  Appealed allowed 22-Jan-08.


Shepherds Lane (Plymouth Brethren) Meeting Hall 06/P/02223  Erection of four, three bed dwellings with rooms in the roof, two two bed dwellings and a pair of three bed semi-detached dwellings with fifteen allocated car parking spaces following demolition of single storey building.  [Registered 27/10/2006]  Refused 22/12/06 following over 23 objections from residents and the North Guildford Alliance.  Appeal lodged 13/04/2007 APP/Y3615/A/07/2036294 dismissed 24-Jan-08. 

However  07/P/01772 was approved 09/10/07 and still stands.

Tangley Place Worplesdon, 07/P/02310 Outline application for erection of part three storey, part two storey building comprising residential care home (Class C2) for the elderly with associated car parking, following demolition of all existing buildings and oversite slab (additional information received 26/11/2007 and 11/1/2008). [Registered 26/10/2007]   This is just too big, is overdevelopment and out of character.  See SCA page.  Refused 21-Jan-08.    Appeal APP/Y3615/A/08/2073828 dismissed  05-Jan-09 because the design "would [not] result in a development of the required quality to improve the character of the area, contrary to the key principles of PPS1 and the objectives of LP policy G5 and SP policies SE4 and SE5."  Also note: a single building set back from the road is regarded as OK and use as a carehome is favoured over office or residential use.  In summary, the developers need to go back to the drawing board for a better design of a carehome.    Appeal Decision Letter W

124 Worplesdon Road, Stoughton, GU2 9RT 07/P/02431 Change of use from former petrol station and car hire to car wash.  [Registered 19/11/2007]  Neighbours complain about the noise.  Approved 14/01/08 subject to many conditions resulting from letters from residents and SCA, regarding disposal of waste water, noise and 'use hereby permitted shall not operate other than between the hours of 09.00 to 18.00 Mondays to Fridays (inclusive) and 09.00 to 12.30 Saturdays and shall not operate at all on Sundays or Bank or National Holidays.'


43 Woodside Road 07/P/02507 Westborough, GU2 6HH.  Conversion of existing house to form two, two bedroom flats with two storey rear extension (amended plans received 19/12/2007 to show two additional parking spaces). [Registered 30/11/2007 This is yet another repeat of application 07/P/00148 which was refused 07/03/07, and 07/P/01935 refused 30/10/07.  Approved at committee 14-Jan-08.


Badgers Close (32-34 Grange Road), Stoughton, GU2 9PY 07/P/02465  Erection of a terrace of three, two storey houses with associated car parking, following demolition of existing single garage. [Registered 21/11/2007]  Blatant garden grabbing!  Refused 07-Jan-08.   APP/Y3615/A/08/2069655  Appeal Allowed Subject To Conditions 08/07/2008.  Mainly because of precedent!



Please see SCA ~ Planning Applications Archive for all previous applications.

Page last updated: 21-Nov-10