Alan Storkey

Academic Work

My academic background was at the University of Cambridge, studying economics, the London School of Economics, studying sociology, the University of Nottingham in education and Stirling University doing teaching and sociological research. My doctorate was at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam in the philosophy of economics. The topic was Foundational Epistemologies in Consumption Theory, supervised by Bob Goudzwaard, Bas Kee and Sander Griffioen. Below are the main texts I have written, some of which are for sale. Also included is a collection of more topical articles that people might like to look at.
Much of my academic work has been engaged in looking at a Christian understanding of the three disciplines of economics, sociology and politics in relation to their secular foundations. Below is a list of research interests for anyone who wishes to discuss one of these areas. A fair bit of this study Elaine and I work at and share jointly, both in perspective and content.
Roughly half of my time is now engaged in research and writing, and the other half of my working time is as an artist. 

Books For Sale

Jesus and Politics 
(Baker Academic: 2005) 336pp   
£14.00 including package and posting    
This book looks systematically at the political content of Jesus’ life and teaching showing why he is the most important figure in human political history.

Marriage and its modern crisis 
(Hodder and Stoughton, 1996) 240pp  
£10.00 including package and posting
A Christian sociological study of the institution of marriage looking at the reasons for its modern crises.

Foundational Epistemologies in Consumption Theory
(Vrije Universiteit: 1993)    270pp
£12.00 including package and posting
This is a study of the way Consumption Theory in the modern era was strangled by the move to foundational (supposedly neutral) theory and the competing epistemologies


These will take a while to load fully load. The idea is that they are available to use with acknowledgement, unless it is stated otherwise.
  1. Biblical Articles
  2. Economic Articles
  3. Philosophical Topics
  4. Worldview Themes
  5. Sociology Articles
  6. Christian Apologetics
  7. Political Articles
  8. Political Policy Papers
  9. Journalism
  10. Art

Research Interests

My  research interests are listed below and I am happy to discuss these topics with people of similar interests through

Biblical and Christian

  • Biblical perspectives on economic life.
  • Biblical perspectives on society and relationships.
  • Old and New Testament perspectives on politics and justice.
  • The social reconstruction of the Gospel narratives.
  • Jesus and politics.

Philosophical and cultural

  • 20th century epistemological themes.
  • Philosophical and cultural perspectives and themes, especially in the 20th century.
  • The philosophical tradition of Kuyper and Dooyeweerd.
  • Christian perspectives on art and artists.
  • The analysis of modernism in art, academic study and culture.


  • Consumption Theory and consumption as a driving idiom of the western economy.
  • The family as an economic unit and sustainable lifestyles.
  • Christian perspectives on the market.
  • The economics of the arms trade.
  • A reformed coach based public transport system.


  • Modern and postmodern love and marriage.
  • The effects of children’s screen watching lives.
  • The effects of multiple partnering on marriage and cohabitation.
  • Christian norms of inter-personal relating.
  • The use of anger.
  • Consumption and relationships.
  • Forms of social blindness.


  • A Christian understanding of democracy.
  • A draft Christian political manifesto.
  • Policy formation.
  • Ending the arms trade.
  • Christian party operating principles.
  • The concept of superpower.
  • Nationalism and nationhood.