Table B. Schemes of modified Indic characters for P-A.

Indic characters for P-A.


  1. In general, an Indic character in a scheme for representing P-A. characters is transliterated as shown in Table B, according to the 'original P-A. character'.
    • E.g. in the Dev. example scheme: nuqta ha
  2. Indic characters in brackets are not so transliterated, because:
    • unmodified Indic characters are transliterated as in the Main Table of Section II.
    • Indic characters used for more than one P-A. character are given the 'dominant' transliteration as shown in the Table B.
      • E.g. If the Dev. example scheme is used in a text, then nuqta sa is transliterated s_diaeresis-b at every occurrence.
  3. The corresponding 7-bit transliteration is also a recommendation

N.B. Table B is not for transliterating P-A. characters, but for transliterating modified Indic characters occurring in schemes for representing certain P-A.characters, and only when these Indic characters occur in such schemes.

  E.g. When Dev. nuqta va is used outside of these schemes, it may have other meanings, not covered by the transliteration standard.

Last updated: 10 June 2002