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The Real Time Line

Time and the real numbers

We do not know for certain that time is correctly represented by the real numbers (i.e. the numbers such as 1, 0, -3/2, pi, etc.). I mean that it is beyond our capability to say definitely that the world runs on real numbers. It might do so, or it might run on a smaller set of numbers, or on a larger set, or - perhaps - in some completely different way. For applications to history, this does not matter, and we can normally use the model of a time line corresponding to real numbers and based on clock times (suitably adjusted for longitude) without running into any problem. Problems could arise if the relativistic effects of high relative velocity begin to appear.

Relativistic effects

According to special relativity, people in relative motion assign different clock times to the same point event. However, unless the relative velocities involved are very high, these differences are of no practical importance.

Another point is that in my theory of becoming there is a linear form of time behind all the different clock times of relativity.

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