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researching Gilinsky genealogy. The name may be spelt in any similar sounding way e.g. Galinski, Galinsky, Gilinski, Glinski, Glinsky, Golinski, Golinsky, et cetera. Enjoy reading my pages.

My Family Tree

My cousin Ziska Shapiro tells about my uncle Eliezer Gilinsky, in an article by Dovid Katz in Forward, a New York weekly Jewish newspaper.
About Uncle Leyzer And That Iceberg

My cousin Nathan Shapiro tells about life in the old country
Nathan's Story

My uncle
Eliezer Gilinsky
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A Trip To Our Roots The Walk Of The Living Gilinskys by Gilbert Garber
A Family Reunion
Report Of The Reunion In Israel by Gilbert Garber
Edek Galinski
Coat Of Arms
Heinz Galinski
Chairman, Central Council of Jews, Berlin 1949-1992
Josef Galinsky
British Hit Squad 'executed' Nazis

Ignalina District Municipality Click on the link EN on the right of the page.

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Glinski's Hexagonal Chess


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