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signed by mike rainsford on 1/9/05
Hi Stanley

Thanks for your Email - just a couple of updates for you.  Angela's maiden name was Bonsall  and she was born on 14 April 1968. Matthew is my stepson and his full name is Matthew Robert Southall and he was born on 23rd July 1991.  Interesting website I am sure I will spend some hours looking through it in more detail.

signed by Wilson Gilinsky on 24/8/05
Does anyone know the "roots" of the name Gilinsky?  I would be interested in knowing the origins of the name.

signed by nathan glinski on 19/7/05
Hi, just looking up any relatives with same name, grandfather originally from Poland, he has just rediscovered  his sister after 60 years as she thought he had died in the war.

signed by Raymond Gilinsky on 18/7/05
Hi! My Gilinsky-family was friends with the Russian tsar and officers in his army, before the communists got there. My great grandfather was killed by them, but his wife and son (my grandfather), escaped and moved to Norway (where we still live today). The Gilinsky-family in Russia was very rich back then, and had their own castle in St.petersburg.

signed by Rebecca Galin on 24/12/04
Hi, my name is Rebecca Galin, I realize I'm a little late responding but I was doing a high school research project on my geneology and stumbled upon this guestbook site. My great-grandfather was Isadore Galin, my grandfather is Julius Galin (brother of Arthur, Alfred, and Ronald Galin) and my father is Jeff Galin. Our last name was shortened during W.W.II from Galinsky. My great-grandfather came to New York when he was young and served in the army in the U.S. He moved to Hartford,Connecticut (soon after he immigrated from Lithuania)and that is where my family lives now. I'm just wondering how all we Galins are related. Thanks!

signed by Patryk on 21/12/04
Good site. . Gratulations. Very nice site. I greet. :)

signed by Jackie Schmidt on 15/12/04
Roger and I loved our swing parties with you the Willis and Dalbom and Gorlinsky's, long live the Missouri Department of Conservation Swing Team!

signed by Doris Dalbom on 15/12/04
Clint I as your mum am so proud of you. Charlie "Chuck" Dalbom and I, the Gorlinsky's were such good dance partners with Roger and Nancy Schmidt of the Missouri Departmen of Conservation. Long live swing dancing! Love , MUM

signed by Vicki Gorlinsky on 15/12/04
Hey, Clint you were a good time too! How is Karen doing? You still work for the Missouri Department of Conservation? Love, Vicki

signed by CLINT DALBOM on 15/12/04
TO William Gorlinsky : Remember when we would Pack each others FUDGE at NEOSHO? Karen still says you were the best swap ever!

signed by Mariana on 5/11/04
Good site. Nice!

signed by Wilson Gilinsky on 25/10/04
Does anyone know the linkage regarding the Cogswell family (1920 Census) of Portland, Oregon to the Gilinsky's.  What Gilinsky did Marie Cogswell marry?  What happened to them?

signed by Wilfred Teper on 1/10/04
I remember a Sammy Gameroff of Claremont/Lansdowne, Cape Town South Africa when I was a youngster in the 1950s.  I have recently met some South African Galinsky's in Toronto, Canada

signed by Wilson Gilinsky on 24/9/04
Almost forgot a question I've had on my mind for many years...How prevelant is red hair in the Gilinsky family?

signed by Wilson Gilinsky on 24/9/04
Can anyone interpret the Glinski Coat of Arms...and is it one for the Gilinsky's and other branches of the "famliy"?

signed by Marnie on 15/9/04
Fascinating site about the Gilinsky clan...

Hope everyone gets in touch with their roots.


signed by Adam Glinski on 19/8/04
Just glad to see others out there.
Sebring Florida USA Aug 19 2004

signed by Raphael Gamaroff on 11/7/04
Hi, My mother was born in Lithuania about 1910. Her name was Faga/Fanny Gilinsky. Her brother's name was Max and her sister was Edie. They settled in Johannesburg, South Africa. My mother married Israel Gamaroff and moved to Cape Town, where I and my siblings were born. I and some of my siblings spent out early childhood in the Cape Jewish orphanage, Cape Town.

Anybody know how I can contact Joe or Sonia Marcus or their relatives from Cape Town, because they have a Gilinsky connection and might have some info.


signed by Darcee Gilinsky Thomason on 1/6/04
I live in Portland, OR with my husband and 5 children. ?My father is Bruce GIlinsky. ?

signed by Shoshana Younger on 25/5/04
hello!I do not know much about my mother's family,excapt that she was Gilinski befor her merrige Diga(in Israel she was called Dora)Her mother was called Gitel.She had two brothers & two sisters,thier names were Shoolem,Shrolik,Fhela and Genia.On her grave its written that her father's name was Shimcha.I was told by one of her girlfriends that he was called Gdalihoo.
Her family use to live before the second world war in Warsaw,in the region of Praga,Poland.
I would appreciate if somebody knowes something about the family to let me know.
Shoshana Younger(Katzenstein)

signed by Adam M. Gilinsky on 6/5/04
uh... this is weird.. my grandpa is isaac gilinsky...?

signed by Stacey Sicard on 8/4/04
My name is Stacey Sicard (nee Galinsky, later shortened to Galin). My Great-Grandfather was Louis Galinsky, my grandfather was Alex Galinsky (shortened to Galin), and my father is Gary Galin. Louis Galinsky was from Lithuania. Would love to hear from anyone who is a decendant.
Regards, Stacey

signed by Armand Gilinsky, Jr. on 1/4/04
Hello, my brother Adam Gilinsky showed me your website.  We are the grandsons of Minnie and Samuel Gilinsky of Omaha and great-grandsons of Barney Gilinsky and Lena Levy of Council Bluffs. I live in Sonoma County, CA, but am currently visiting with my brother and father who reside in Scotland.

signed by Simon Galinsky on 26/3/04
I am from London.  My Grandfather and Grandmother both were from two different Galinsky families in Bialystok.  Does anyone have any infomation of Galinsky families in Bialystok???

signed by Adam Gilinsky on 23/3/04
Hi - I'm Adam Gilinsky, youngest son of Armand Gilinsky of Omaha (b. 1918).  We have run into some relatives over the years, such as Ian Glynn of Cambridge, England.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Congrats on the website.

signed by Gabriela Kogan on 19/3/04
Hello! I'm the Greatgrand daugther of Shlomo and Sara Gitel. I'm living in Argentina.
And Im looking for information about the daily life in Swienciny
pre 2? war. Before my grandmothes Leike Gilinsky came to Argentina.

signed by Stephanie on 7/3/04
Hi all,
Just passing through. Came across you off a link on another site. Nice site.
Birmingham UK

signed by chaya malka galin on 12/2/04
My grandfather was from lithuania, last name galinsky. anyone have any history from 1912 or so?

signed by David diamond on 9/1/04
Hi Stanley, it's kinda slow of me but I've just realised that your mother was my mother's 'Auntie Annie'. That being the case, I may have a writing desk that belonged to you. Annie gave it to me when I was studying for some exams (might even have been the 'Eleven-plus'!)and I use it to this day. She told us at the time that it had been used for studying very successfully in the past and that hopefully some of that success would rub off on me! Regards, Dave Diamond. ?

signed by michal lukasz galinski on 15/12/03
hallo, i am michal galinski from poland. my family is from warsaw and still lives there. i am now in germany since 1981. can you or anybody tell my about something about the etymology, history and meaning of "gal" in galinski?

signed by Andrea Gale on 30/11/03
I'm a GALE--from Golinsky--originating in Odessa, Russia. My branch is changed names to GALE and GALEN. Perhaps we have common ancestors....

signed by David Diamond on 29/11/03
Hi, Stanley, here's a few more 'bits' for you;Richard Diamond was born in June 1922 & his middle name was Avroom ~ as was my son's. My middle name is Lewis & I was born in March 1952. My wife's full name is Jacqueline Ann Larcombe & she was born in 1954. Thank you for your kind wishes in your email, Regards, Dave Diamond. ?

signed by David Diamond on 27/11/03
Hi, Stanley, my wife, Jacqui came across your website the other night. I am the son of Hilda Gilinsky & grandson of David. My mother died in 1977, not 1978 & my son was indeed born in 1987. There are a couple of other things that I think I canmake accurate for you with a small amount of research ~ I'll have a look and send you another email. In the meantime, I'd be glad to hear from you, regards, Dave Diamond'  

signed by cathy gallen on 15/11/03

I attempted to contact you at your email address listed on this site but it was returned undeliverable.

My chidrens' grandfather was a son to Louis Galinsky, please contact me to compare information.  

signed by Joel Levy on 13/11/03
Stanley, what a great site to visit. Looking forward to finally meeting you 16 November at the Gilinsky fam Reunion in London.
Regards Joel Levy- Compiler of the Gavendo/Gavenda Family Tree

signed by Niccol Pires on 13/11/03
my name is Niccol Pires and I am trying to find out my history. I know my family is from portugal and came to the US in the 1900's. My father is Joseph Newton Pires Jr., and so is my grandfather, I never met my grandmother (great-grandma) if you have any info please contact me.

signed by Tony Golinski on 11/11/03
I am researching the family name Golinski. My family come from the Kresy region of Poland

signed by Sarah Cohen on 6/11/03
Hi, my name is Sarah cohen. my maiden name is Gavenda.  My father's name is Larry but he passed away 2 years ago. my father was born in Vilna Poland and came here during the war. i know that galinsky's and gavenda's affen married into one another's amily.
i am looking to further search my family roots and see if i cant patch together more of my father's side. hope to hear form you soon. thank you

signed by Gary Galin on 7/10/03
Hi, I've been working on my family tree for quite a while and have noticed some simularities to the info you have. My Grandfather was Louis Galinsky, from Lithuania, was in the Russian army, went to London, England, then to New York, and on to Toronto, Canada.
He lived to age 97 and had 5 sons and three daughters. My Father was Alex Galinsky and he changed his name to Galin. I do have a somewhat updated family tree in Family Tree Maker which I would be glad to send if it's of interest.

signed by VICTOR PIKUL on 17/9/03

signed by Bob Gilinsky on 14/8/03
So nice to see so many Gilinskys in the same place! Grandfather came from Swienciany (Svencionys) Lithuania to Newark NJ in 1924. Drop a line if anybody has any information about Gilinskys from Swienciany.

signed by William A Gorlinsky Jr. on 31/7/03
I work for the Missouri Department of Conservation as a GIS analyst in Columbia, Mo. I'm a Polish Jew.I'm proud to be Jewish.

signed by michael on 4/7/03
my name is michael. i am 7 years old.I hope aunt and uncle read this

signed by Annie xx on 7/4/03
Hi Grandpa (and Grandma),
Brilliant website! I've been exploring it for over half an hour!! See you in a couple of weeks,
Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of love,...

Annie XxXx

signed by stephen gilinsky on 2/4/03
Well, there are hundreds of us, all related. The question is do we all have the same pleasant manners, and highly toned people skills. As Mrs. Bucket would say, what a group of most interesting people.

signed by Rosie Coco Bambaji on 31/12/02
I found this webpage whilst researching my family project, it is EXCELLENT grandpa.

signed by Alix Galinsky on 19/12/02
Hello , i have searched , and i'm trying to figure out my geneology , i am in my teenage years , my father said a little b4 he was born his name was changed from gilinsky to galinsky , found this interesting , and will look into it more.

signed by michael gilinski on 6/11/02

signed by Gregorio Glinski on 28/10/02
Greetings from Argentina. My father, Sender Glinski was born in 1908 in Grajevo, Poland. My grandfather was Gershom.Thanks.

signed by Eilon Gilinski on 2/10/02

signed by Bruce Gilinsky on 4/8/02

signed by John & Lana Golinsky on 23/1/02
Looking for Golinsky's from Poland that settled in PA

signed by Israel Shapiro on 29/8/01
Most helpfull site for our family, Thanks to you and Robert (Craig) for writing my father's memories.

signed by shmuel shapiro on 26/8/01
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