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     Welcome to my RCT2 Scenery site...  
       I created this site as a home for my Scenery.  
       You can find pictures of all my creations to date in the scenery section  
       Downloads are available in the download section  
       All the scenery here was created using the excellent Object Editor by Doctor J  
      The custom scenery groups where made using Hwinkels Dat Maker  
      Latest News      
      This site will no longer be updated, for all my latest stuff visit my new site here  
      I Know its been a little quite around here lately but I'm back, I have a couple of new objects for you coming real soon, check the Scenery section for a screen shot  
      Added walls pack to downloads  
      Water Features Pack is now available, I will add a few more items when I get  
      more time  
       Added some Pics of my new Water features pack to the In Progress Section  
      Slight problem with the waterfall is now fixed, thanks K-Dogg :)  
      Added Waterfall Pack 1 to Downloads, includes 2 versions of the sloping waterfall and a normal and remappable 1/4 tile waterfall, thanks to K-Dogg and Toontower for testing and their suggestions on the sloping waterfall  
      Finally, the Tunnel, has come to the download section, get it now :)  
      The Glass Tunnel is taking much longer than I thought, the Editor is real buggy when making Glass objects, it's caused me to lose my work several times :( I've made 2 End Panels to go with the Tunnel, this gives it many more uses. Check out the In Progress section for a screen shot, Download up Soon :)  

You can contact me here E-Mail