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          Important Update: SADM was also used as the warhead on the short-range Davy Crockett Anti-Personnel shell. Stockpiled W54 warheads were test fired at the Nevada Test Site on July 7 and 17, 1962. In Little Feller II on July 7, the warhead was suspended on cables about three feet above the ground (yield was 22 tons). In Little Feller I on July 17, a Davy Crockett was fired from a stationary 155 millimeter launcher (in tandem with simulated battlefield manuevers under Operation IVY FLATS) and detonated about 20 feet above the ground at a distance of 9,357 feet (1.7 miles) from the launch point (yield was 18 tons). This test, the last atmospheric detonation at the Nevada Test Site, was observed by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and presidential adviser General Maxwell D. Taylor. Footage of Operation IVY FLATS was declassified by the Department of Energy on December 22, 1997.  Readers should note the report below providing operational details of SADM, was first published in June 1993, four years before declassification.
          The mega-blast in the City of London last month, was the third in just over a year to warrant a permanent place on the Richter Scale. This bomb and others in London and the New York World Trade Centre all shared three common features: Each mega-bomb was detonated in a high-profile business district, each left few if any scorch marks, and the resulting shock-blast on all three occasions exceeded by far the normal explosive and logistic capabilities of any existing, known "terrorist" organization.
          The establishment media recently suggested the World Trade Centre bomb was "home made" and placed in an underground car park by a blind Islamic militant from New Jersey. The claim was ludicrous, because the shock-blast needed to rip through seven floors of reinforced concrete car park, cannot be generated by components purchased over the counter at a chemical warehouse.
          On 23 March, Tom Valentine of Radio Free America interviewed veteran nuclear physicist Galen Winsor, who said the blast was not caused by a low-yield conventional explosive charge. Galen Winsor went much further than this. "I'm sure it was just exactly what John McPhee predicted 20 years ago in his book, The Curve of Binding Energy" he said, "where McPhee quoted Theodore B. Taylor, a theoretical physicist out of Los Alamos, who said that someone someday was going to blow up the World Trade Centre with a small nuclear device, the size of a stick of gum." Winsor continued, "McPhee's book was published in 1975, although the prediction first appeared in the New Yorker magazine in 1973. Taylor worked in the area of the micronization of nuclear weapons, in other words making nuclear weapons small enough so the Israelis could carry them around in a briefcase."
          At first glance the thought of micronized nuclear weapons being used in major cities seems absurd, but there is now considerable evidence indicating strongly that small nuclear devices were also responsible for the two massive London blasts. In London both mega-bombs were detonated at or below street level, but still generated massive shock-blasts. Here the finger was pointed at the IRA but the propaganda value of the isolated bomb blasts is questionable, and the IRA has no record of bombing high profile business centres.
          Media use of IRA code-words in London to "authenticate" both mega-bomb blasts means nothing: The establishment media in London can whistle up five or more IRA code words in a matter of seconds if the mood takes it. There is another drawback where the IRA is concerned, which is its ability to obtain and import huge volumes of high explosive. If the media is to be believed, the IRA, normally incapable of smuggling guns to the mainland, apparently imported at least two tons of high explosive in less than eighteen months. Sniffer dogs at UK ports are famous for their ability to detect marijuana in quantities as low as two ounces. The same dogs are also trained to sniff for explosives.
          When the first London bomb exploded on the night of the British General Election in April 1992, the police were lured away from the site by a "known IRA code word". There is no IRA track record of such deception. Traditionally the IRA either provides British authorities with an accurate warning, or it provides no warning at all.  Further, the IRA does not normally waste vast quantities of explosive where it will cause virtually no injuries. Backing up the non-IRA sequence of events were eyewitness reports from a range of more than three miles, which were chilling.
"The ground shook under our feet. There was a brilliant white flash and a tall vertical column of smoke." Powerful modern high explosives do not flash brilliant white at all, but critical nuclear devices certainly do. Nuclear devices also send out near-instantaneous seismic shock waves that ripple underground for miles, shaking the ground severely."
          in what may have been the greatest Freudian slip of the nineties, the British Government claimed the weight of the first bomb was 45 kilograms, a puny weight in conventional explosive terms, but the exact weight of the small atomic shell fired by NATO's 155mm FH-70 L/39 long range gun-howitzer. Two nuclear physicists in Australia confirmed the 155mm gun's core nuclear device would measure no more than three inches in diameter. Those physicist's April 1992 opinions were considerably reinforced during March 1993 by Galen Winsor, when he pointed out:" The model of a miniature nuclear bomb that I have which is 2 3/4 inches in length, was made from 94 per cent pure Pu-239 [Plutonium]. This is actually a lot bigger than the Israeli briefcase bombs."
          Until now few members of the public have been aware how small modern micronized nuclear devices really are, or the way in which their explosive yield is tightly controlled. One device that has been around since the seventies is the American SADM (Special Atomic Demolition Munition), which is carried by a single soldier and used to create behind-the-lines mayhem for the enemy.  SADM is tiny and lethally efficient: its tightly controlled 0.01 kiloton atomic yield generating the same explosive blast as ten tons of TNT, from a package small enough to send by motorcycle courier. Unluckily for the public at large SADM also produces quantities of localized radiation, which can be detected by reading the ultraviolet spectrum in the immediate vicinity of the blast, but few workers in London or New York have access to the scientific equipment needed for such specialized monitoring.
          While the British Government was busy convincing its citizens "The IRA did it", London TV cameras were accidentally filming a team of experts entering the blast area wearing full nuclear protective clothing. Extraordinary behaviour from experts simply walking around taking a quick peek at the remains of an old-fashioned IRA bomb, traditionally manufactured from ammonium nitrate & diesel.
          Almost exactly a year later the second London mega-bomb exploded in the same part of the financial centre. Like the first, damage was awesome with repair estimates running as high as US$1 billion. Once again the obvious was completely overlooked: repair bills from huge IRA bombs detonated in the centre of Belfast generally range from ten to twenty million dollars. Viewed in dollar-damage terms alone then, each mega-bomb in London was at least fifty times more powerful than its crude IRA cousins across in Northern Ireland. Put bluntly, the Irish Republican Army simply does not have access to the technology for the London mega-bombs.
          The April 1993 bomb was supposedly detonated in a parked garbage truck, but managed to create a huge crater in the road that was subsequently filmed by the media: another crucial error confirmed by independent explosives experts in Australia. The blast from most bombs takes the easiest path, in this case outwards then upwards to atmosphere. The crater could only have appeared if the bomb was dropped from an aircraft, or was buried in advance. Forget the "garbage truck", which was merely a decoy device. The crater is very impressive, measuring roughly forty feet deep by sixty feet in diameter. The media footage provides mute proof the awesome bomb could not have originated in Northern Ireland.
          Radiation left behind by nuclear devices, even micronized nuclear devices, can be extremely dangerous for those forced to work in the area after the bomb has exploded: Probably a very good reason for the American and British Governments to blame Islamic Militants and the IRA respectively. For as long as the general public remain unaware of the risk they will continue to commute to work and happily beaver away at their desks. If either government "went public" with the news that nuclear devices had been detonated, there might be widespread panic in two of the most important business districts in the world, perhaps leading to a complete refusal to return to work.
          Worse still would be the "run-on" effect when smaller conventional bombs exploded at a later date. To a nervous and jittery public, every explosion would be a potential nuclear device with the attendant risks of radiation poisoning. Under the harsh doctrine of the "New World Order", it seems likely the health & lives of a few thousand office workers would gladly be sacrificed in order to avoid short term chaos.
          During early May 1993, ITN World News from London carried an interesting feature in which it was explained that due to thefts of highly-radioactive Uranium 235, terrorists would now be able to contaminate conventional bombs with 500 grams of Uranium, thereby forcing the police to stay away from the area for days. Exactly why experienced terrorists would risk detection & death by transporting deadly unshielded Uranium around in their pockets was not explained. There is no credible reason for keeping the police and other authorities away from a bombsite after the weapon has been detonated. However, the rumour could form the basis of a government defence in cases where American or British citizens located positive traces of radiation, near the World Trade Centre or in the City of London, for example.
          The question of exactly "who" is bombing some of the largest business centres in the world currently remains unanswered, though the brute power of the bombs limits the candidates. Much has been said in America about the possible involvement of the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, but the only hard evidence pointing in its direction are the two London bombs exploding on a Saturday: the Jewish Sabbath.  While this would certainly have limited the number of possible deaths among Jewish business staff in the City of London, the timings might be coincidental.
Most likely the question of "who" will never be answered. The self-appointed "New World Order" has imposed its draconian will on a large number of resentful countries in a very short period of time, evidently wishing to change the world into a great, peaceful, American-led democratic environment. Perhaps one similar to that existing in Los Angeles after the first Rodney King verdict was handed down.
          Any one of a dozen different countries with a grudge against the "New World Order" could be responsible for the bombs if it managed to buy or manufacture micronized nuclear weapons. Most frightening of all is the reality that America and Britain are utterly powerless to resist attacks of this kind.  Though their intelligence services have computers full of Islamic and IRA suspect's names, those names are worthless if the attacks are being launched by another nation, as appears to be the case. There is no way in the world the American or British police can hope to detect a complete stranger with a briefcase bomb among tens of thousands of other citizens with briefcases, in two of the most densely populated western cities on earth. The most compelling question is when the bombers are going to remove the kid gloves and place one of these devices in Time Square or Piccadilly Circus during the rush hour.
          American nuclear physicist Galen Winsor claimed the bomb planted in the World Trade Centre was incorrectly placed: " They intended to topple one tower of the World Trade Centre into the other tower and take out [kill] more than fifty thousand people."  On the available evidence it seems the aspirations of a small arrogant bunch of men who decided to impose a "New World Order'" on a host of very unwilling small sovereign nations, did not think the exercise through to its perhaps inevitable conclusion. Those same arrogant men have placed tens of millions of citizens at risk because of their own gross incompetence and thirst for absolute power. The "New World Order" now seems set to face the unbridled wrath of large numbers of citizens for many years to come.
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