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Society in Good Health

Our AGM came round once again and for an event of this type was well attended. The Chairman moved through the agenda at a steady pace but allowing those members who wanted to comment to do so.

In his report, Chairman Peter, emphasised that the key to success in any Society lies with the Committee. If they are a good working team then the Society thrives. If they are not keen then things go down hill very rapidly. This Society has been fortunate to have a good Committee. Peter thanked them for their hard work.

Sadly, we lost Roy S. last Christmas and Sally will be leaving the area so the Society would like someone to come forward to join this hard working committee.

Peter spoke of his past worry about the declining membership but during the last year it had climbed again to 64 members. Numbers remain the same because, although we have gained some new members, we had lost some of our more experienced members. He felt it was difficult to determine precisely why members left but if people felt the Society was not coming up to their expectations then he would value some feedback.

Rupert was thanked for doing a good job looking after the accounts. The increase in subscriptions and the institution of a 1 admission fee for demonstration evenings, had stabilised the Society`s financial standing and would allow the subscriptions to remain the same in 2001. The accounts which Peter mentioned had been audited by Phil and were reviewed by Rupert to the satisfaction of the audience.

Ken was praised for his efforts of always providing a variety of tempting raffle prizes for each meeting which helped to produce a steady cash flow. Ken`s wife Ethel lent a helping hand in selling the raffle tickets.

Peter continued his review with mention of the 2000 programme which he said had provided an interesting and varied set of speakers. Peter thanked Trevor for the arrangements. Speakers appeared to be diminishing in numbers and most of those available appeared to live mainly in the Midlands. Trevor`s keenness and enthusiasm had succeeded in persuading some of them to visit us. Trevor was already nearing completion of the 2001 programme. Peter recognised that some subjects would appeal to some members more than to others but the Committee do try and plan a programme to suit both the beginners and the more experienced members.

Peter regretted that the number of entrants to be judged at our shows appeared to be declining. He knew that beginners could be put off by the standard of trees entered by the most experienced of our members. Peter felt that only by entering could you get a comparison of personal effort and the benefit of guidance from the judge as to possible development. The committee had agreed that the December Show should introduce a novice section, the only criterion was that the owner of the tree should consider themselves a novice.

The 2001 Committee was elected as Peter (Chairman), Rupert (Treasurer), Steve (Secretary) Ken, George, Mick, and Trevor (Programme Coordinator). Munro volunteered to be Membership Secretary.

A proposal to change the financial year was carried.  The current financial year would run to 31st October 2001 and thereafter the financial year would end 31st September with the AGM in November.

Trevor outlined the 2001 Programme which would include return visits from several popular speakers and some new faces. Some of the returning speakers had agreed to do so because they had a good impression of the Society. Trevor asked that members continue to make every effort to offer courtesy to our visitors. In response to a members request for a workshop, Peter volunteered to run one at his premises during a weekend. Running a members` weekend workshop in September was to be investigated. Trevor offered to try and arrange a Society visit to Harry Tomlinson`s Nursery.

Everyone present joined in a vote of thanks for the hard work put in by the Committee which had provided a successful year.


Bonsai UK Magazine

The publishers of Bonsai Magazine, Smithfield Publishers, have announced that they have entered into a joint arrangement with the publishers of a Dutch Bonsai magazine to produce a bonsai publication to embrace the best of both magazines.

It will have editions to suit both countries and have an improved quality of cover and paper. The present editors of the existing magazines would work together and use some of the existing editorial consultants including our President Colin Lewis.

Frequency of publication would increase from four issues a year to six issues. The UK annual subscription would rise to 22.50 from the present 16. There would not be a Winter issue of Bonsai Magazine as the first issue of the new magazine would be in January 2001.

Existing subscriptions for Bonsai Magazine would be honoured until they run out after which the new rate would apply. This would be of considerable benefit to those who had just taken out or renewed an annual subscription. As before the magazine would not be available through newsagents.


Late News - Society Visit to Greenwood Gardens

Since the AGM, Trevor has arranged with Corin Tomlinson that the Society would be welcome at Greenwood Gardens on Sunday 25th March 2001.

For members who have never been to Harry Tomlinson`s famous bonsai nursery, this trip should be seriously considered. Trevor says that there will be an opportunity to see Harry`s private collection as well as Petra Tomlinson`s pottery. There is the possiblity of watching a demonstration and of course to spend money on trees, pots and other bonsai goodies. Trevor will be saying more about possible arrangements and seeking commitments from interested members.

If you are interested then contact Trevor.


Next Meeting.   9th January 2001
Collecting from the Wild
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