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Spring Workshop

Firstly an apology, I may miss someone or something may have happened that I missed. So much was happening that the meeting flew past for me, with people repotting, prunings being made, advice being given - it was all over in what seemed more like ten minutes rather than two and a half hours.
Although titled a repotting workshop, there were little groups scattered around giving "advice," I use the term loosely, on the best way to plant a pine group or which branches to prune of a young pine, whilst on the other side of the room a small copse of serissas was being planted, once the Chinese clay had been removed from their roots (a definite team effort). So nice to see tropical trees being cared for as well as hardy varieties. What's that they say about spice and life?.

Keith mentally struggled with his large larch (good luck) as to how to develop the desired branch structure, whilst Peter was giving advice as to branch placement and wiring. One thought which struck me as I lay in bed was how very few of the trees there that night I had seen before. It's good to see new trees being worked on with enthusiasm by members both new and - ermmm - experienced.

There was even a little photo-gallery set up in the corner with trees popping over there to pose...
hope to bring you some of the photos in forthcoming issues...

It can honestly be said that last meeting was a doing workshop, with people mixing composts, or was it a cake, from a variety of ingredients, with the care of a spice chef - a pinch more acadama, a dash of loam.

One tree that caught my eye was a sweet little rosemary, flowering it's head off with pale blue flowers, a joy for me to behold.

To close, I can honestly say the one thing that struck me was the enthusiasm there, and the sheer enjoyment being had by all.

Book of The Month
A Life Dedicated to trees
By Pius Notter

Not what you could call a 'how to' book, more an 'I have' sort of book, full of lovely pictures of Pius's trees, including before and after pictures, showing a wide variety of styles and types.

Beginning with a brief autobiography, the book moves on to show Pius's garden (I want one just like it please!) then giving a brief insight into the European and Swiss bonsai scene.

Just after I bought this book, I thought 'why did I get that?' Now I use it as a source of ideas and inspiration. The man is a one off.

Although it may be warm, the days sunny, there can still be frosts this month, so think before putting out new plants or slightly tender trees

A friend of mine in the US sent me some uses of cola, one of which was the removal of lime deposits (the white stuff) from the sides of pots. I have tried this and it seems to work.

How successful have your seedlings been? If you have too many, don't forget that everyone at the club likes plants and someone might just be looking for that 1 inch high seedling you want to get rid of!

Am I the only club member who has trees that seem to defeat every rule, trees that defy logic? OK, it might just be me...Who in the club has the weirdest tree?

Thanks are due to the members who, following my requests, have written, or are writing, reviews and/or articles about shows and displays they have been to. These will appear in forthcoming issues.
Once again, thank you.

Does anyone fancy having a club photo competition? Nothing serious, just for fun, with possible categories such as 'tree most like a club member', 'most unlikely variety' or how about 'best caption'?
I'll leave that with you......

CHELSEA 21st-24th MAY

Every year FOBBS are lucky enough to be able to present a display at the prestigious RHS show in the grounds of Chelsea Hospital. I myself have been able to help on a few occasions. Please keep you reyes open when you watch the telly during May, or, if you're lucky enough to go, search out the FOBBS stand. You might meet some friendly faces, and will definitely see some wonderful trees.

NEXT MONTH - May 22nd:
Fuchsia Bonsai...Ever tried to grow one? Want to?
This could be your chance.
If you have Fuchsia bonsai, please bring them along. Come on, I know there's a few out there!

Yes, I know I got the dates wrong!
Just to clarify:-
April 09/04/02 - Mame bonsai
May 22/05/02 - Fuchsia bonsai
June 26/06/02 - Summer show


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In next month's bulletin
1: Review of Wisley weekend.
2: Holiday watering tips.
3: Events around the country to visit.

Forthcoming Events
11/05/02 Waltham Forest BC Annual show : contact Blair Lewis 020 84470847.

23/06/02 Wessex Bonsai Society Annual Show: Littledown centre, Chaseside, Bournmouth.
Contact No. 01202 890021

06/07/02 Swindon Bonsai Society Show: Coleview Community Centre, Coleview, Swindon.
Contact No. 07970 995727

If you can keep your head whilst those around you are losing theirs - you probably misunderstood the situation!

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