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Making a e11 Stormtrooper blaster.

In Star wars a new hope the blasters were in fact sterling sub machine guns with slight odd modifications.

  • The oddest one was to fit rubber gripper ( windscreen wiper rubber ) into the cooling holes of the outer barrel,Honest you take a look.
  • The magazine was cut down
  • Rifle hammers were fitted to the back end of the gun just for cosmetics
  • A m 38 sight was added
  • a heslinger counter was stuck on,these were actually used on production machines to count product/cycles of the machine

Above a stock sterling

Above a Modified sterling with heslinger  counter (bit with wires coming out)



    sanded and template removed anh version                   made 2 white one rotj version


   sizing it up  ..mmm looks good                                 pre painting,primer-silver -then Matt black

                                                     Half way line - tools needed

extras brought were copper pipe and  laser sight to sit in the barrel

also i made a spring as i wanted to make a movie accurate version

 Gluing started





One Finished

 i also made the stand

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