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Site Updates

20 July 2007

New text added to Warhawk, Twin Saladin, Derf, Diligent and Atlas pages

19 July 2007

Amended Concorde Page, and added text to Baker page.

15 July 2007

Amended Antares class to take account of new USS Antares in Star Trek remastered. This new design will be added to the site as a new class alongside the automated version from the animared series.

15 April 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates!
Amended Kiaga page to allow for new design released by Aridas Sofias. Added Delta Class Light frigate using former Kiaga Class PA design. Added link to Starfleet Network, home of the superb reinterpretation of the Spaceflight Chronology, which uses some images from this site.

09 April 2006

Added link to Small Craft Project into the main site

01 January 2006

Added Coral Sea  (assault ship) and Fenlon (patrol craft) classes including PDF for Fenlon. Updated Derf PDF. 

17 December

Added FASA stats PDF for Derf Class. Swapped several images on Starfleet Review Main index page.

29 November

Added placeholder page for Baker Class Research Cruiser! 
Improved Constitution Class and Baton Rouge Class Images.

8 August

Sorry for lack of updates. Added PDF of Cavalry class, and updated image of Pompey Class. Thanks to David Gaba and Aridas Sofia respectively.

9 May

Updated Eagle (SFC/FASA) and Monoceros (SFTM/FASA) Class Pages and PDFs 

3 May

Updated Marklin PDF (FASA)

2 May

Added Marc Class Transport (FASA)

13 March

Simplified Main index page, and added sub index for collections. Removed link to Enterprise Episode guide.

12 March

New ships (no PDFs yet) Nightingale and Kildare medical cruisers, Bennett class cruiser. New image for Ranger class. Moved the following from Current Projects: Starmaster, Huron, Durance & Small Transport (to Transports); Twin Saladin (to Destroyers); Capella (to Light Cruisers); Sahara (to Tenders); Babcock prototype and Coventry Variant (to Frigates). Links added from all collection pages to relevant content pages.

5 March 2005

Added v1.0 PDFs of Romulan U-4, U-7, U-9 and U-11 Classes

4 March 2005

Finally time for an update - first of a large batch

Added v1.0 PDF's for Romulan U22, U24 and U25 Classes. 

18 December 

Major revision to Starfleet Review navigation, all ship types (eg Heavy Cruiser) now have own index pages to simplify navigation and reduce loading times over dialup connections.

22 October

Added Siva class PDF, final Apache Image added, switched Monoceros and Siva Images.

1 October

Added Bode Mk2. Changes to dates of Horizon (UES), Messier and Mercury (UES) classes. Construction manual and PDFs updated accordingly.

24 September

New Image for Detroyat Class. Apache Class Image replaced by new image based on Apache Class design from SSDB. Former Apache Class Design image replaces Monoceros design image, as that was basically a Saladin/Hermes without a deflector. Revised FASA stats to follow shortly. Siva Class service dates changed to braodly match FASA dates.

22 September

Added PDFs for Gorgon, Agilis, Kiaga and Canopus Classes

18 September 

Added images and pages for Gorgon, Agilis and Kiaga class Perimeter Action ships, FASA material to follow shortly.

17 September 2004

Added Achernar and Tikopai class PDF, adjusted in service dates for those two classes.

16 September 2004

Revised Antares image using shorter style nacelles

15 September 2004

Updated and revised PDFs for: Constitution, Larson, Loknar, Baton Rouge, Eagle, Portsmith, Overfield, Apache, Chariot,  Mission, Heston and Atlas classes. Added PDFs for: Concorde, Karekh and K'Kmarek. Added Iron Duke Class.

13 September 2004

Added ship mass class table to rules page, added missing ship mass classes

29 August 2004

Added Interim version of Romulan Ship Construction Module and tidied up interim version of UESPA/UESN (Earth) Ship Construction Module

22 August 2004

Revised Baton Rouge Imagery, more closely based on image in Space Flight Chronology (previous one drew on additional sources, although is retained on Baton Rouge page for comparison). Added Pointer Class to current Projects page, added Verne Class to Cruisers page, and Space Ark to Transports. Added Space Flight Chronology version of  Messier class image to class page.

18 July 2004

Added major event dating information to timeline, thanks to Jonathon Jenkins for inspiring this idea.

10 July 2004

Corrected Tannhauser image, replaced Trident Image. Added Aventeur, Cochrane, Columbus, Galileo, Twin Galileo and University classes and place holder for Verne Class. Thanks to Fred Schaefer for inspiring me to get back into doing some more ships.

8 May 2004

Added Raptor and D5 Images, added PDFs for Overfield and Laweya classes. Added Monarch class page + pdf. Moved Raptor to Frigates, and redesignated as L1, revised image for D1 combining D7 hull with D2 Command hull and engines.

2 May 2004

Changed Romulan and Klingon Menu pages over to 3d images, added pages for UFP Concorde, Romulan V4a + V4b.

15 April 2004

Added the Chris Cornelius Collection page, to commemorate our sadly missed contributor.

26 March 2004

Added Stellarford Class Liners and Assault ships

28 February 2004

Added Pages + PDFs for Avenger, Trident and Predator classes. Added PDF for Texas class, and revised PDF for Baton Rouge Class. Revised rescaled Image for Texas Class. Added Starfleet Museum Collection page.

8 December 2003

Added Cavalry, Burke, Palomar and Texas Classes, changed all Federation Index Pages to 3/4 views, other index pages to be amended soon.

17 November 2003

Added Site map and modified page titles to be more meaningful. Added Chris Cornelius' ships: Mindbender, Copperhead, Shanks, Ferret, Searay, Marauder and Mary & John.

10 November 2003

Added Caracal Class Command Cruiser, added Command Cruiser definition to mission role information.

8 November 2003

Added New Renders of Starfleet Museum Versions of Federation, Saladin, Cygnus, Ptolemy and Hermes Classes.

Added Pyotr Velikiy Class and PDF

Added new images of Achernar & Tikopai Class Supplemental Cruisers

13 September 2003

First update to either site in a while. 

Modifications to site and page layout, addition of Breadcrumb navigation to top bar. 

Addition of links, background, updates and rules sections to site.

Preparatory work for the merging of Vintage Starships I + Vintage Starships II

Added current projects and Romulan war pages to hold WIPS

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