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Battle Cruisers

Pioneer Class Battle Cruiser (2154)

Tannhauser Class Battle Cruiser (2157)

Conqueror Class Battle Cruiser (2159)

Pioneer (2154)

Tannhauser (2157)

Conqueror (2159)

Unnamed Prototype Battle Cruiser Class (2168)

Juggernaut Class Battle Cruiser (2168)

Sigma Class Battle Cruiser Prototype (2210)

Goliath (Prototype) (2168)

Juggernaut (Prototype) (2168)

Sigma (Prototype) (2210)

Heston Class Battle Cruiser (2249)

Heston (2249)

The Capital Ship class of vessels consists of several large, combat oriented starships used for frontline military combat and defence. As is standard Federation Policy, all Federation Dreadnoughts , Semi Dreadnoughts, Battle Cruisers and Carriers  have some science capability as well as other standard Starship requirements. Because of the massive investment associated with their construction, many other governments also include some basic form of multi mission capability. Capital Ships are the largest front line Starship in most fleets.

When first introduced, the designation of Battle cruiser was considered the most controversial annotation for Star Fleet. But other governments and various conflicts soon cemented the use of these highly specialized large combat craft. Battle cruisers do not have the multi-project research capability of other Exploration vessels, but do bring together many other aspects of standard Cruisers into a surprisingly lethal package. Battle cruisers focus most of their abilities into a combat platform designed to engage both multi-vessel units or larger single combat vessels. Battle cruisers are often more heavily armed, but are more expensive to maintain.

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