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Monarch Class 

Monarch Class Transport Tug

The Monarch class deep space freighter is one of the oldest ships types still in service today. Originally a Klingon design, this freighter has found its way into every region of known space. There are at least thirty designs of the vessel, mounting Klingon, Orion or Federation equipment, or a combination of all three. The versions listed in the specifications are the two types encountered most frequently in Federation space.

The Monarch is a P-type (pusher) freighter capable of mounting adapters to transport most types of cargo container pods in addition to its interior cargo holds. This flexibility of design gives it characteristics of a transport and has made the ship a favorite for crews, as it is able to drop its cargo in emergency situations and gain higher rates of speed and maneuverability.

Class: IV-VIII Year: 2257
Ship Source: Paramount Pictures/FASA/Lee Wood  Ship Datasheet: Download PDF

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