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Small Combatants are the smaller combat craft that do not fight as part of a large fleet, but some, such as fighters are still assigned to fleets.

Scouts, like Cruisers, are one of the oldest designation in Federation nomenclature. Scouts are designed to conduct a number or information gathering missions, including exploration, first contact, research, and intelligence gathering. Scouts are usually smaller and lighter than other front line exploration vessels. Most are also less heavily armed, using the space for labs and research equipment. Scouts have extremely comfortable, although somewhat cramped, crew spaces, due to their extended patrols. Most scouts are used along the expanding boarder to explore and catalogue planets, stars and other space phenomenon. 

Patrol Craft designations cover a large assortment of light, short to mid-range vessels, use by both military and civilian personnel. Patrol Craft include Corvettes, Cutters, Gunboats, Clippers, Sloops, Corsairs and Monitors. Although all are group as Patrol Craft, each is unique in their design and abilities.

Escorts provide a wide range of support capabilities to front line combat vessels and large convoys found throughout travel lanes.


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K-2 Class Scout (2230)

K-17 Class Scout (2245)  

K-2 'Artor' (2230)

K-17 'Death Stalker' (2245)  

Patrol Craft (Corvettes, Cutters, Gunboats, etc)

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K-3 Class Gunboat (2244)

K-30 Class Monitor (2245)


K-3 'Kalath' (2244)

K-30 'Luckless' (2245)



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K-23 Class Escort (2252)


K-23 'Little Killer' (2252)


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