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Gorgon Class Large Perimeter Action Ship

Gorgon Class Large Perimeter Action Ship

The Gorgon (PKA-810) Class was the first Perimeter Action class to commission in Starfleet, and in many ways was used to prove the concept, unlike the later Agilis and Kiaga classes the Gorgon was based on more traditional design concepts. The Gorgon was designed by a joint Terran-Andorian team, and as such shares some basic concepts (the twin boom design) with the Loknar class frigate, but the execution on the Gorgon was somewhat different. After the introduction of the smaller newer Agilis and Kiaga classes, the Gorgon class was reclassified as a Large Perimeter Action Ship (PKA).

Class: TBC Year: 2246
Ship Source: Steve Bacon, Inspired by Paramount's Norway Class Ship Datasheet: Download PDF

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