Steve Tickle

Well my story's a bit mundane I suppose,but ,here goes.

Around 1964-65 when I was about 9 years old I was of the habit of going round to an Uncles' who lived quite near to us , on Saturday afternoons sometimes when I wanted t go over there I was told I couldn't as he 'd 'Gone to Derby'. So frequently I asked why he went , when I was told he went to football matches I was intrigued and asked if I could go with him.

My first game was 1965 when the opponents were Cardiff City, the Rams winning 2-1 I believe. We watched the game from the Ossie End Upper as my Mother didn't think I was big enough to stand on the Popside.

As I got older , I was eventually allowed on to the Popside with another Uncle and that's where I watched from until the Ley Stand was built over the old Popside and we took the unprecedented step of buying a two year season ticket for there.

I've been fortunate enough to be part of the seething mass of humanity that was the Popside for that memorable League Cup game against Chelsea .I was fortunate enough to be at all the great European Games ,including Benfica and both Madrid teams ,Juve etc . I have never been to any football stadium that could generate the atmosphere that the dear old BBG could. I doubt that one existed certainly in Britain.

The Uncle who first took me to the BBG has since unfortunately passed on ,but I still go to PPS with his brother who introduced me to the Popside

Thank you if you read this far while I indulged my self in Nostalgia.


c2001 Steve Tickle


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