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Last updated on 06-12-2003

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Marquetry in 1/12th scale

This page is a step by step guide to how I did my marquetry tables.
It is not necessarily the right way to do it, but it worked for me. It is a method known as ‘sticking on the fly’ whereby you stick cut out pieces onto a baseboard. Please feel free to have a go.


First things first; we need to gather some items to begin with.

Veneer; or other thin wood sheet
Knife; exacto or other thin bladed; I bought one from a marquetry site
Cutting mat; so as not to mark the kitchen worktop (or similar)
Good lighting; a must
Carborundum Paper, to put pattern onto the base wood (will be called
CP for short)
Base wood, I used pine 1/8th thick x 3 inch wide x 5 inch long

Pattern, you can get them FREE from go to patterns, click to make bigger, right click and save as.

Lets begin

1) First print out your pattern 3 times on paper, the correct size for the project you are doing. I printed mine out 3 inch x 5 inches for the table I did.

Take the
CP and place it onto the base wood face down; then take one of the patterns and draw it onto the base wood.
Make a pencil mark on the top of the pattern, and a corresponding pencil mark on top of the base wood; so that you know that both are the same way up. This depends on what pattern you have chosen.

2) Take one of patterns and cut out a section from it; after doing that place the pattern on top of the chosen veneer piece,
and score around the edge. Remove pattern and completely cut out the veneer piece.

3) Take the cutout veneer piece and place it in the corresponding shape on the base wood exactly where you cut it out.
Using some PVC wood glue; stick it down.

4) Move to the next pattern and cut out the piece adjacent to the piece you just removed.
This will ensure that you always have the lines to follow when cutting out the pieces.
That’s why we printed it 3 times
5 ) Continue to move around the pattern with the veneer, sticking them side-by-side when cut.

Have fun


Download instructions here

Print 3 times

Selection of

Cut out shape

Place cut-out pattern onto veneer

Score around the
cut out

Then cut out
the piece

Stick it on the

The finished result

Get all your Veneers , Knives, and FREE patterns here