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Veterinarian Information UK & Worldwide.
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Worldwide Veterinarian Information.

The links below are intended as a guide or assistance to either finding a Vet or Veterinarian information.
If you are a member of a Herpetological society or forum or have friends who also keep reptiles, then you can try to obtain recommendations by word of mouth or maybe you already have use of an experienced exotic Vet that you are satisfied with...however if none of these apply to you and you are looking for a good experienced exotic Vet, then as well as asking around you might find the links below of some assistance.

Note: When first making contact with a Vet ask them whether they are experienced in treating Exotics and in particular Iguanas, Also some vets seem to take for granted that you are experienced in administering medicines.
whereas a good reptile vet will explain thoroughly the methods of applying medicines or drugs, Do not be afraid to ask for further instructions on any point you do not fully understand, it is of no use whatsoever getting home and getting the syringes out of the bag and wondering where do I stick this!


This is an excellent site for locating your nearest UK vet ...Find A Vet.

The following links may also be of assistance.

Exotic PetVet.Net ....A mine of technical information.

A.R.A.V. The Association of Reptilian & Amphibian Veterinarians.

H.V.C. The Herp Vet Connection.

NETVET. The Veterinary Directory.

Vetquest. Search and referral facility.

MKs Vet Page. Melissa's society pages.

UK Veterinarian Information.

One UK Vet I have had experience with and found to be very good in the treatment of Iguanas is.... Ian Mostyn of Pennine Vets, at No 1 Bury Road, Tottington, Bury, Lancs BL8 3HD Tel (01204) 886655.....Email vets@penninevets.co.uk

Find a UK Vet. Lists all UK vets (check box for Vets with Exotics experience).

Vet on the Web. Online Veterinarian help.

www.ukvet.co.uk. Veterinarian Journal.

www.vetnet.co.ok. Mainly for the Veterinarian Profession, but could be of interest.

www.Vetgate.ac.uk. UK Veterinary Database of information.

www.BVA.co.uk. British Veterinary Association.

V-E-T-S.co.uk. Vet practice serving Wales, with exotic pet experience.

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