Iguana Answers.

Escaped / Missing / Hiding / Lost.

It's a question that is continually being posted up on forums.
My Iguana has gone missing....escaped through the cat flap......run out the back door.....jumped out the window.....I went out of the room for a second and when I came back it was gone, chased off the back yard by a cat, dog, leprechaun, squirrel, ghost,....it didn't like what my partner was wearing and flew out the door, got spooked by my wife's face mask, etc, etc..

Seriously, it can be a worrying time for the owner and so before we look at some of the favourite hiding places I would just like to add, I know of one Iguana that disappeared out of its owners home in a cold and chilly autumnal Scotland and was gone for almost 2 weeks before being found! and it did make a good recovery! so never give up hope.


If it has gone missing indoors, escaped from its habitat or jumped out of your hands, maybe even chased by another pet, then there are some places they will go to feel safer.
First always check upwards! Iguanas besides being arboreal (tree dwellers) in the wild, also feel safer in places of height.
Therefore first of all check any place it could have scaled, curtains/drapes, wardrobes that are open, bedclothes touching the floor, bookshelves....they will use their claws as anchor like pick axes and grip materials and proceed to climb up as high as possible, my own has been found in a bed under the covers, in a cupboard under towels, on top of clothes shelves, in a wardrobe to name a few.
If no luck with the heights, then other hiding places are cooler spots that are dark and tight fits.....under wardrobes, under beds and sets of drawers, behind desks, under shelves, behind furniture, and in any small tight gap or hole.
The main problem is, once they have found a nice cool quiet place then they tend to keep very still or even go to sleep, making them very hard to find!


Missing outside is a little more difficult due to the wider range of hiding places over a wider area, but again first of all check upwards!
check the nearest tree or bush to where it escaped and then the next nearest and so on, many escaped Iguanas are found in the nearest trees and shrubs to where they escaped from...again its a place where they will feel safer away from cats & dogs.
Other places to check out, are any out building that it could climb up, like a wooden shed, garage, shelving, arbor, porch, pergola, gazebo, trellis work or any ornamental structures upside of buildings especially if they have climbers, vines or roses growing up them.

Lastly again any tight holes or gaps under sheds or outbuildings, gaps large enough to squeeze under to gain entry to garages or sheds etc, under workbenches...try to think like an Iguana! you are out in the open world with many predators cats dogs & humans and need to feel safe quickly so where is the first nearest safe place to go.....its very rare they will travel a long distance as they will get cold and slow down quickly unless they have escaped in a warm climate on a sunny day, so near is usually where to look.

Good luck.

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