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Generic, Windows based computer software for the selection, scale-up and simulation of solid/liquid separation equipment is available from Filtration Solutions. The Filter Design Software has been developed in conjunction with a consortium of multinational companies from a wide range of industrial sectors. To view the brochure, including an order form, select here (Adobe Acrobat required).

The selection module enables selection from 70+ solid-liquid separation equipment types; there are many more if the variants within each type are
counted. Selection is possible from limited information related to the required duty and the resulting ranked list of equipment can be further refined if additional data are available from simple laboratory experiments. The software provides interactive procedures for analysing these data.

The Filter Design Software is not only industry tested, it is also intelligent and interactive whilst maintaining a user friendly interface for those less familiar with solid-liquid separation.  It is not only intended as an aid to equipment specification, design and operation, but also as a training and educational aid for use by both industry and academia. The software contains many explanations, pictures and diagrams of equipment as well as practical constraints due to equipment designs that affect equipment operation. These constraints are built into the simulation procedures, as are many guards to guide the user to avoid input errors.

Some other features of the Filter Design Software include:


A directory and explanation of the main operational and design features of 70+ equipment types


Interactive analysis of leaf filter, jar sedimentation and expression test results


Determination of the parameters required for scale-up and simulation of equipment


Comparison of data sets from a range of tests/trials


Simulation of 20+ types of vacuum and pressure filters


The ability to import data files from other software (e.g. Excel)


Web access to equipment suppliers.

Equipment selection (left) and simulation (right) screens from the Filter Design Software

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