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To provide experimental data for equipment selection and scale-up we are able to offer a number of laboratory scale experimental apparatus. These can be used as stand alone devices or to provide information and data input for Filter Design Software™ capable of unbiased solid/liquid separation equipment selection, scale-up and process simulation. Additional apparatus is also available for testing a wide variety of membranes and membrane modules.

Apparatus include:

Pressure leaf filter whose modular construction allows the level of complexity to be tailored to meet individual requirements. 

In its most basic form the apparatus is manually operated and may be used to obtain elementary, constant pressure, filtration and gas deliquoring data.

In the most sophisticated form (see photograph), the filter is fully automated via computer to provide data-logged filtrations over any chosen pressure/flow regime. Both gas deliquoring and displacement washing can also be performed to obtain basic and scale-up data for a filter cycle and hence optimise a chosen process sequence.

Piston press capable of acquiring filtration and compression deliquoring (expression) data. 

The press is operated via either hydraulic or pneumatic actuation and can be readily adapted to either manual or automatic operation via computer control. 

The press is useful for obtaining basic filtration and deliquoring data as well as scale-up information (which can fed into process models if required)

Membrane filtration apparatus for testing a wide variety of membranes and membrane modules for micro- and ultra-filtration duties.

The apparatus at a bench scale or larger (as in the photograph) is able to perform crossflow membrane separations over the range of conditions found in typical industrial installations. Both membranes and modules can be assessed in terms of flux and rejection performance for prolonged periods of operation.

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