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Welcome to the unofficial Yamaha DX7 Resource Centre.  The purpose of this site is to collect together as many of the most relevant Yamaha DX7 web-sites,  so that you don't have to go searching!  You will also find sounds and software here. 


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Feb 2013 - I can now make edits again to this site, having been locked out of it for 2 years !!  Please bear with me while I remove / update dead links. Thanks.

Overspill - Too many sites to fit above...

DX Manager by Jon Morgan - PC Based DX7 Editor / librarian       

Soundofmusic - A well stocked DX7 site from Stockholm! Brochures, articles etc 

Lorraine Quirke's DX notes               Sound on Sound pt 1         Sound on Sound pt 2

Synthmania - Cartridge Sounds Demo'd in MP3           Fee Fi Fo FM - O'Reilly Article             DX7 Website, in Dutch

NEW!  DX / TX Convert

Quick Jump to YOUR DX7... (Includes tips on 'faulty/silent' DX7's)

DX7 Mark 1            DX7S            DX7 IID           DX7 IIFD            DX7 Centennial          TX7

According to the Yamaha TX7 manual ( yep, TX7 ), Yamaha DX7's with serial number 1001~24880 and 25125~26005 will have problems with the Aftertouch option, over MIDI.  This is because their operating system ROM's were programmed before MIDI was standardised across all manufacturers.   It is worth asking a potential seller for the serial number, before you commit.    One of my DX7's has an early serial number and it also struggles to send 'clean' System Exclusive data, making it more difficult to use with patch librarians.

click here2.jpg (1742 bytes) Yamaha DX Forums - join the community and get answers to your questions! (DX section)

click here2.jpg (1742 bytes) How to load sounds to and from a DX7 using a PC

click here2.jpg (1742 bytes) Interview with Dave Bristow (Original cartridge programmer from 1983)

click here2.jpg (1742 bytes) Battery Change Photos - Also includes DX7II Model

click here2.jpg (1742 bytes) Original Cart Sounds in DATASHEET Format

click here2.jpg (1742 bytes) Listen to some DX7 Sounds

click here2.jpg (1742 bytes) for DX7 Photos and Videos

click here2.jpg (1742 bytes) to buy or sell a DX7 on USA 'ebay' Auction Site

click here2.jpg (1742 bytes) to buy or sell a DX7 on UK 'ebay' Auction Site

click here2.jpg (1742 bytes) for basic DX7 specification

click here2.jpg (1742 bytes) Yamaha DX Series Yahoo Discussion Group


Still under development -  DX7 EDIT  /  FUNCTION PANEL HELP

(CLICK HERE TO SEE IT DEVELOP,   v  e  r  y    s  l   o  w  l  y !)

This site was created in May 2001.  Last updated on:  19 June 2014

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Unfortunately I am unable to offer any direct assistance with the DX7.  However if you believe anything on this site raises any copyright issues, please let me know by clicking here