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About the NGO

The Hilly Region Development Club,
(Nepal Government Registered, No.371)

The Hilly Region Development Club is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose aim is to develop facilities in a rural area of Nepal. Dhading District, and its central village of Tawal, is close to Kathmandu as the crow flies, but at the base of the Ganesh Himals, it takes a full day to travel there by bus and, when the road ends, on foot. As such the district and the village remain largely under-developed. It aims, primarily, to develop educational opportunities for children and their families in the area, health education is a key part of this and so the projects focus largely on schools and clinics.

As an NGO, the Hilly Region Development Club is independent of the government and does not receive government funding. It was set-up in 1998 and has become well-established over the last ten years, with some overseas funding from Austrian and Australian businesses, embassy staff and charitable trusts. It also receives donations from international trekkers who see, first hand, the development needs of the area. In Nepal it is supported by Nepal Experienced Adventure Treks (P) LTD who put some of their trekking profit into the projects and by British Gurkhas. The NGO was established by a local entrepreneur who, coming from the District and maintaining close ties with it, has strong relationships with its residents and, working with them, has a clear understanding of its developmental needs. The NGO works in close partnership with the village's own development committee.

The Hilly Region Development Club has successfully undertaken the following projects:

  • New primary school constructed
  • Toilet and washroom constructed at the school
  • Writing books and pens provided for all children
  • Land purchased for second primary school
  • New classroom furniture and blackboards acquired
  • Salaries of teachers funded
  • English language training for teachers provided
  • Adult literacy classes initiated
  • Lower secondary school established
  • Health clinic constructed
  • Health workers trained, including in microscope operating system and midwifery
  • Toilet and washroom constructed at the clinic
  • Solar lights installed in the clinic
  • Clean spring water piped to families in Tawal, from 3km away
    Suspension bridges repaired
  • Income generation project initiated, goat rearing

As can be seen from the projects completed so far the NGO is keen to ensure sustainable development, for example by training local staff and using solar power.

The Hilly Region Development Club, working with local residents, has identified the following projects which need assistance:

  • Establishing sponsorship schemes for high school pupils and teachers' salaries
  • Establishing three more primary schools in the districts
  • Securing further teaching materials, including sport equipment, computers and science equipment
  • Providing environmental education and eco training for children and their families
  • Providing further English language training for teachers
  • Providing further training for health workers
  • Improving the clinic and resources for diagnosis, treatment and education
  • Securing advanced materials for health outreach-posts
  • Developing silk industry and honey industry as income generation, along with farming of cash-crops
  • Installing public toilets in the village
  • Establishing a volunteer programme (teaching, health work, tree planting, apple planting, farming etc)
  • Overhauling the hydro power generator

Income generation projects will raise community funds, as well as individual household incomes, thereby providing a funding source for on-going maintenance of facilities, training of staff and so on, thus ensuring sustainability.