Come to the press to do an 'exquisite corpse letterpress workshop', learn about the press, a little history of wood type and old printing terms.

Each group will play a round of the french surrealist game exquisite corpse and the most popular game will be set in wood type and printed on the 1930s Stephenson Blake proofing press. Each person then prints 3 copies to take home.

Group bookings of 4-6 people can be made on a Saturday or by appointment during the week.

So far, curators & buyers from the V&A, buyers from Design Museum, creatives from the Guardian and writters & designers from innocent smoothies have all been round (as well as many other groups of friends) for a workshop.

Cost is £40 per person. Interested? Get in touch with Stephen for more details:

m: 07786 640 053

e: stephen@atwopipeproblem.com