My 100E Restoration

I bought the car in June 1991 it had sat in a scrap metal yard for many years, I bought it because the grill and dash were the type I wanted (ford changed the design many times during production) Although in hindsight a less rusty one would have taken years off the restoration! The car was trailered home and work began stripping it back to a bare shell, this task was fairly easy but did reveal lots of rust, over the next few years the bodyshell was brought back to life with new old stock panels or reproduction panels, This process was slow and was slowed further due to several house moves, eventually the bodyshell was rust free and work could begin modifying it to allow fitment of a pinto 2.0 litre engine that I had bought in the meantime, This was no ordinary engine but a full race engine producing over 180 bhp! This process took several years, until in 1999 the car was stripped of it's trial fitted new running gear including rack and pinion steering and then bare metal stripped, this was a very difficult part of the restoration and I found out that paint stripper stings when in contact with skin! In the summer of 1999 the car returned from the bodyshop in it's new coat of bmw fiji green, I had my wedding booked for June 2000 and it was to be my wedding car the race was on!

 The car was carefully built up so as not to damage the fresh paintwork and a new custom built wiring harness installed. The engine was fitted in early november and on millenium eve the car ran under it's own power for the first time, The build up continued including the fitting of a professionally reupholstered interior, The car was finished in april 2000 and passed it's mot the first time, The car has only covered 2000 miles since being completed mainly on dry summer days, these have included trips to york dragway where my best time is 14.9 @95mph.

 Clic on the pics for larger ones and enjoy.