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We welcome you to our collection of Wensleydale hand knitting wool and patterns. You can now enjoy the luxury of the finest lustre longwool in the world. We offer you the choice of either creating your own garments or one of our team of local ladies will be more than happy to knit one just for you. The yarn originates from the rare Wensleydale sheep,which in turn derived from one gentleman, born in 1839 named Blue Cap, because of his very dark blue head.

The long soft silky curls of the Wensleydale, characterise the nature of all of our yarns, available in Aran, Double Knitting and 4ply,  dyed to a spectrum of the gentlest country hues.

From a sheep named Jenny or one of her friends, through the Yorkshire woollen trade, to the ball of wool on our rack,to the first touch of the knitting needles, we as a team put care and love into our sweaters, and we hope you will enjoy your Wensleydale creation.

If our sweaters had faces they would be smiling.