#SPS (South Park Studios) Original Chatroom


South Park Studios Chat (c/o http://www.southparkstudios.com/):- click HERE. Alternative link, can be found HERE

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Server Information:- irc.chatabout.net
Port:- 6667 & 6660 (SSL enabled clients ONLY!)

Room:- #sps and #spspoilers


Welcome to the one and only original SP Studios chat room.


History lesson first....


For a few years, South Park Studios had an official chatroom which it abandoned some years ago. Today though, it’s still going strong, and is supported well by many regulars, mostly from the sites BBS.


The room first started on the dal.net IRC network, after many users at the time longed for a live chat experience to go with their fave show.


Unfortunately, dal.net experienced many DDoS attacks back in the early days, so a reg of the room asked a friend (Who us reg’s know as mbuna), if he could host the chat on his IRC server, Aquaria, to which he dually obliged.


For many years, we have had many faces come and go, but a few hard core fans of the room still remain, and to this day the room still gains many visitors from the studios BBS.


Now, we are on a new network, called Chatabout, to which will bring you an even better chat experience, and also a place for like minded South Park fans to chat about what they love most, SOUTH PARK, along with other general day to day stuff!


We also have a page up on Google+, so if you want to pop over, more than welcome, but just beware I’m still trying to work out to run it!


I want to take this opportunity for thanking mbuna for his kind support over the years, and hope he will continue to visit us on our new network.


Now, down to business….


Top of this page, you will see all the relevant information you need, to connect to the room, using any good stand alone IRC client (Like mIRC).


We also have TWO web based ways in which you can connect to the chat, using any good web browser and this works on any internet enabled device with a web browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, etc), regardless what operating system you use, long as you have Java installed….. I do recommend using the FIRST LINK (AJAX based client), especially if you are new to IRC based chat, as all you do is open the link, add your chosen nick, hit connect….. It’s that simple!


We are still in the middle of setting Op’s up in the new room (These are the persons with a @ at the side of their nick’s), but we are aiming to have around SIX eventually, to ensure the smooth running of the room.


Like dal.net, Chatabout has full network services (like nickserv, chanserv, operserv, etc), and we encourage you to make full use of them.


We do encourage you to register a nick to use on the network (It’s mandatory if you want to become an OP anyway), though not necessary.


A basic guide here to the many commands you can use on IRC, and also please note common commands like those used on the old msn chatrooms like /me, all work on IRC, and full Personal Message (Known as a PM, bit like you get on the BBS) direct to a chosen nick is available. You can also try one of the following, and the relevant network service will reply back to you with instructions…. /nickserv help commands or /chanserv help commands




Basically use your common sense, don’t go spamming the room or harassing other users in there (We especially do NOT tolerate harassment, and will clamp down HARD on it), or you may find yourself removed (Possibly permanently) from the room. If you are unsure if something is acceptable in the room, ask one of the OP’s in the room, who can advise you.


Click on the Return to Index link at the bottom page, which will give you a general idea of “Rules Of Conduct” on IRC.


Just to note, all previous bans from the Aquaria IRC network, will NOT be carried over, except for Mibbit.com, due to the way it works and possible abuse from it (Chatabout IRC is currently considering banning it from the network for this very reason anyway, as already done by many other IRC networks, like Freenode)


So, what are you waiting for?..... come pay us a visit! Even when it’s off-season, we are still here….. 24 / 7 / 365.


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