How to Change Your Samsung S300 Housing.

I shall try and keep things simple. Just try to keep up.

Step 1. Get your Bog Standard S300.

Step 2. Turn Over and Remove Battery, Sim Card and 4 screws beneath the battery. The Fifth screw is underneath the rubber cap near the Ariel. You will need a small #4 Philips screwdriver.

Step 3. Slide your finger nails all around the seam of the cases to release clips. If you ain't got long enough fingers use a small Flat blade screw driver. (Don't lose the Volume Button Or The IR cover)

Step 4. Just separate the parts and start swapping things over, the top clip is a little tricky but if you lift the bottom of the back case up, this should release the top clip. The ariel mount is a little stiff, just use a small screwdriver and LEVER it up through the hole at the top created when you Unscrewed your ariel. Ariel is threaded, may need pliers to loosen. When you put it into your new housing fit the Arial to make sure you have got it in far enough.

Step 5. With keyboard facing down. Gently lift the Ribbon cable Connector from the plug. Then Lift Away the circuit board. Be careful as the mic is at the bottom of phone. Keep an eye out for little bits of rubber falling out.

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