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Owners Log

Discovery I 300tdi S

Year of registration: '95/N

Owned: November '01 to February '07

After several years of owning Series Land Rovers that culminated in a fantastic but unfeasibly thirsty Stage 1 V8 station wagon, I decided in October 2001 that I needed something a bit more modern and more importantly, economical. My first choice was a 300tdi 110 station wagon as my wife and I had just booked ourselves on an overland trip to Morocco for the following April and it seemed to be the ideal vehicle for this sort of use. However, finding a suitable one proved to be extremely difficult. In fact, finding a 110 station wagon for sale at all was an achievement but finding a decent one for the 10 000 budget Id set myself proved impossible. Those that were within my price range had clearly led hard lives and frequently had mileages that suggested they'd been off-roaded on the moon!.

It was at this point, whilst drooling over a reconditioned Camel Trophy 110 that was for sale at Keith Gotts of Alton for a figure way beyond my budget, that I was persuaded to consider a Discovery instead. I went for a test drive and was an immediate convert. Whilst mechanically it was virtually identical to my dream 110, it was so much more comfortable and the interior was still practical enough to be the base for an overland vehicle.

The deal was done and then began the task of modifying it to turn it from this...

...into this!

Towards the end of 2006 I found myself becoming restless about my Discovery. I'd spent a huge amount of time and effort on its' development and by this stage it was essentially finished. When I found myself starting to look at exotic stuff like three link suspension systems and on board computers I knew it was really time to move on and by February '07 I'd I decided to sell it - something I'd later regret, unfortunately!



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