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I drove my first Land Rover - a stripped down Series IIA SWB - in 1986 on a 'Jeep Safari' whilst on holiday in Tenerife. The combination of rugged simplicity and go anywhere ability instantly appealed, and from that moment on I was hooked.

I had to wait another 18 months or so before I was able to buy a Land Rover of my own - the grey Series III shown below - and since that time I've owned a succession of different models with, it has to be said, varying degrees of success. Follow the links below to read all about them:


110 Defender TD5 XS CSW

Jul '11 to date

Freelander TD4 GS

Aug '08 to Aug '11

Discovery II TD5 ES

Aug '07 to date

110 Station Wagon
Sep '07 - May '08

Discovery II V8 XS

Feb '07 - Sep '07

Discovery I 300tdi S

Nov '01 - Feb '07

Stage 1 V8 Station Wagon

Jun '99 - Oct '01

Series III SWB 2 petrol

1995 - 1999

Series III SWB 2 diesel

1988 - 1989


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