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Technical: 110 Station Wagon
Intercooler Grill

Beneath the main radiator grill is what's commonly known as the intercooler grill. I know not why, as that's not where the intercooler is, but who am I to fly in the face of convention? Anyway, this grill is made is made of a particularly  rubbish alloy that corrodes as soon as it's exposed to the air. When separated from the plastic grill surround, to which it's secured to the by fourteen 5mm diameter alloy rivets, it typically looks like this:

A guy on a forum that I frequent had a batch of replacements made from stainless steel, which seemed like a good idea, so one was duly purchased. It looked like this when it arrived:

As I'm not keen on the shiney stainless steel look, I primed it with special metal primer and painted it with grey Smoothrite:

The grill was then fitted to the plastic surround with stainless steel M5 allen head bolts and nyloc nuts:

The finished result. If I'm honest, I'm not completely sure of the colour, which is a bit lighter than I thought it was going to be. I might paint it a darker grey or even black at some point, but at least I know it won't corrode whilst I think about it.


Page created: 20-Dec-2011