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Welcome to Land Rover Anorak - my website dedicated to telling the stories of my Land Rovers.

Follow the links above to find details of the adventures they've taken me on and the modifications I've made to them along the way.

If you've arrived here whilst looking for Land Rover Discovery.net then don't worry. All of the content of that site is contained within these pages. 

Darren Burgess

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News and Updates

20th December, 2011:

I recently sold my roof rack and replaced it with three First Four Off-Road roof bars. The 110 looks a bit naked now, but it's more practical for my day-to-day use.


I've also added a Stainless Steel Intercooler Grill page to the 110 Technical section.

16th October, 2011:

Minor revision to Ancillary Wiring page in the Discovery I Technical section.

5th October, 2011:

Added Dixon Bate Tow Bar page to the 110 Technical section.

1st October, 2011

Painted the rear crossmember and fitted a new Dixon Bate tow bar today. Details to follow soon.

25th September, 2011:

Added Clutch Pedal Modifcation page to the 110 Technical section.

My 110 TD5 XS CSW



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