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2004 Range Stormer

The Range Stormer concept is a high performance sports tourer SUV that in spirit previews a new production Land Rover vehicle. It will never hit the showroom, but the production vehicle that follows will share many of its styling and technical innovations.

Its typical ‘drive anywhere’ ability is further enhanced by an innovative new Land Rover technology known as Terrain Response. On the Range Stormer, Terrain Response offers the driver six settings – varying from ‘dynamic’ (for high speed work), to ‘rock crawl’ (for extreme off-roading). Once selected, by an easy to use rotary switch, Terrain Response ensures optimal performance over that particular surface.

Terrain Response will be seen on future Land Rover models, including the recently launched Discovery 3.

The design is peppered with innovation. The doors are two-piece ‘gullwing’ type: the upper half lifts whilst the lower half drops to provide a step into the cabin to improve access. The doors are electrically powered.

The pillars are thin to aid visibility – a typical Land Rover quality – and the roof is glass to further improve the light and airy feel of the cabin. Less traditional language, however, includes the low roofline, power bulge in the bonnet and the massive 22-inch alloy wheels!

The rear door is also two-piece. The upper half opens upwards whilst the lower half folds down out of the way, obviating the need to ‘stretch’ across it. A floor extension also extends forward electrically to improve ease of loading.

Cabin materials are all natural. Leather, aluminium and oak wood dominate. Saddle leather is also used on the top roll of the dashboard, as well as the four seats and centre console. The floor is covered with softer grained leather. The seat frames, which are exposed to form part of the cabin design, are aluminium as are many of the switches.