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1971 Range Rover 'Darien Gap'

Between December 1971 and June 1972 to specially equipped Range Rovers completed an expedition from Anchorage in Alaska to Cape Horn in South America. The most gruelling part of the journey was forcing a passage through the Darien Isthmus, between Panama City and Columbia. The Darien Gap occupies a mere 250 miles of the total 17084 mileage form Anchorage to the Cape but it took four of the seven months to cross it. All personnel on this Ministry of Defence expedition were drawn from the 17th/21st Lancers of the British Army. They had to rely on their own resources and at one stage a Land Rover was flown in to help out through the most difficult jungle.

The Range Rovers were standard, but fitted with much special equipment such as swamp tyres, petrol tank guards, snorkel exhaust pipe extensions, Fairy winches and roll-over bars.

The other Darien Gap Range Rover is part of the Dunsfold Collection