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1969 Range Rover 'first of line'

Although the Range Rover was not launched until 1970, three were built and registered (YVB 151H, YVB 152H and YVB 153H) in December 1969. These Range Rovers featured in the original publicity material for the model. This particular vehicle is believed to be the first of the three off the line because a blue vehicle was urgently required for photography.

The Range Rover was designed as a multi-purpose vehicle which would have the off-road capability of the Land Rover, but which would offer high performance on the road together with a more comfortable environment for driver and passengers. Spen King was in charge of the project and also did the original styling. How well the Range Rover succeeded may be best judged by the fact that it remained production for 25 years and was considered to be the leading four-wheel drive vehicle of its type made anywhere in the world. By the end of production 317,615 Range Rovers had been made.