Dunsfold Collection

In the late seventies the Swiss army showed some interest in buying new Land Rovers and the military development section at Solihull put together some demonstration vehicles. These drew on the work being done in parallel on the Stage 2 project to create a coil-sprung Land Rover.

The Swiss army vehicles included some interesting hybrids and this is one of them. It has a 100 inch Range Rover chassis fitted with a 2.25l 4 cylinder petrol engine and a five speed automatic transmission. There are also limited-slip differentials in both front and rear axles. The five door station wagon body is cobbled together from Series III parts and the front panels are from a Stage 1 V8 109.

The Swiss army never did place as order for Land Rovers and the vehicle was eventually passed on to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust at Gaydon. Dunsfold obtained it in trade for another vehicle.

Land Rover 100 Swiss prototype


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