Thomas Mullett Ellis (1850 - 1919)

Architect, Author, Poet and Illustrator

A Brief (and, as yet, very much unfinished) Biography

A Wife and Children - 1900 to 1919

He married his second wife, Gwendoline Elizabeth Mary Leigh Hayhurst (b. circa 1874, d. after 1903), on 4th July 1900 at Downton Parish Church, Herefordshire.

In the run-up to the general election of September 1900 he indicated is intention to stand as an Independent Conservative for the Westminster (Strand) seat and to force a contest with the encumbent, Mr F.W.D. Smith, but decided not to proceed with his proposed candidature on the eve of the election.

The Times, Monday, Sep 24, 1900; pg. 8; Issue 36255; The Constituencies. London.

Westminster constituency notice

The Times, Saturday, Sep 29, 1900; pg. 10; Issue 36260; The General Election.

General Election article

In 1901 he launched 'The Thrush', a monthly publication to promote the work of aspiring poets. The first issue included one of his own poems, The Thrush.

His first child, a son, Tom Victor Carr Farmer Leigh Mullett Ellis, was born in the third quarter of 1901.
Birth Certificate registration 3Q 1901 Staines.

The Times Friday, Jan 10, 1902; pg. 6; Issue 36661; Notices. (Classified Advertising).

The Thrush advertisement

His daughter, Viola Mary Joan Mullett Ellis, was born in the first quarter of 1903.
Birth Certificate registration 1Q 1903 Staines.

The Times, Monday, Jul 08, 1907; pg. 3; Issue 38379; Law Notices, July 8.
High Court of Justice - Chancery Division

Law Notice

In 1917 his work, "Ho! for a British Bride", a novel (a reissue of "What can a Woman do for the Empire?") was published by Holden & Hardingham, London.

The Times, Tuesday, Nov 09, 1915; pg. 6; Issue 41007

What can a Woman do for the Empire advertisement

He made a will on 16th March 1919 at Creek House, Shepperton-on-Thames, Middlesex, in which his "dearly beloved son", Tom Victor Carr Farmer Leigh Mullett Ellis, and his "delightful and darling daughter", Viola Mary Joan Mullett Ellis, were appointed as executors, in spite of their being minors, and as beneficiaries.

He died on Wednesday 20th August 1919 at The Grotto, Kidmore, Sonning Common, Berkshire, aged 68. The address shown on his death certificate is that of Creek House, Shepperton-on-Thames.

The Times, Saturday, Aug 23, 1919; pg. 1; Issue 42186; Deaths

Death Notice

The Times, Monday, Aug 25, 1919; pg. 14; Issue 42187


On 18th March 1920 his son, Tom Victor Carr Farmer Leigh Mullett Ellis, and his daughter, Viola Mary Joan Mullett Ellis, were still minors and his sister, Eupheme Black Ellis, their guardian, renounced probate on their behalf.

The Times, Saturday, Jul 03, 1920; pg. 28; Issue 42453; Sales By Auction.

Auction notice for sale of Creek House

The estate was administered by the public trustee.

Gross Value: £4, 405 3s 5d
Net value: £15 2s 9d

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Marriage of Viola Mary Joan Mullett Ellis

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Marriage of Kathleen Mary Briscoe

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