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Keith slade Hi Steve, Well done, all your links work, all the pics display OK. Nice layout. I've learned a lot about Tarantulas and spiders in general! Best wishes- I'll drop by from time to time to see your updates
keep up the good work. KEITH
Thanks keith from steve......spydaweb
If underground caverns and tunnels with this enthusiast's web site. Excellent, with lots of pictures well worth the visit..........
JEFF SMITH Hi Steve, I really like your front page, the one where you are sitting on that huge spider. and was thrilled to see, and hear the sounds on that page!!!!! What you did on that page is fantastic! BRAVO! I have been looking through your great website, and enjoying every momment. I hope to some day, have a site as good as your's is. I have a long way to go. But with your example, I see ways to improve mine,(without ripping off your content). You sure did an excellent job on your website, you should be proud of it. Your website is TOTALLY ORIGINAL, which makes it so enjoyable to browse. Keep up the good work! Thanks Steve!
Steve, . I think that is a spider that looks like a ant. I could be wrong though. I'm still in the process of checking out your site. What I've seen so far looks like you have put alot of work into it. Your front page is great.
Doug Steve, Your site is sweet! I love the picture of you on the T.
Rick Jones A great site, I reckon spider fans will love it and non-spider fans will find it deeply fascinating. Keep up the good work.
Mo Very nice :) Blinkin' big tarantula you have there!
Pauline Thanks again for your help and I will keep you informed. Sorry I did not respond before but It has been like a mad house here as we have been hounded by the media.
Tarantelle I really liked your page; the picture of you(?) riding a giant tarantula was an especially unusual and attention-getting! Too bad spiders don't really come that large. I'd be saving my pennies for one! Thanks,
Jennifer Steve, Thank you for sharing your web sight with me, I am very impressed!! It is always a pleasure getting to know other spider lovers
.I would love to hear from you again!! I am just a beginer with my tarantulas and I would sure appreciate any information you can provide!! Take care and I hope to hear from you soon!!
Irma your site was one of the many that came up. I just so happened to find yours with the most information and pictures. I had every one in the lab looking the tarantulas up for information. It was the topic of the day and sorry to say every one seemed to be as ignorant as I about the tarantula.Thanks again!
Steve Thanks for your prompt response Steve. I hope you wont mind if I bother you with a couple more.
Midwest Marvels Hi steve, neat site! love the opening page with the pic of you 'riding' a spider!! ha ha!
Luke Great site. Help to kill a few hours at work when it's probably hottest day of the year. Shame i don't have any windows in the office so i can't see what i am missing.
Sorry no name I found a tarantula floating in my swimming pool and I was wondering if you could help me determine what type it was and learn a little about it. It was about 8-9 inches and black with red markings on it. I am from southern california. I put it in the trash can and then later it was gone. Maybe it wasn't dead. Therefore, I wanted some information on this breed so I know what I'm dealing with. Thank you. p.s. I did find your web site fascinating. Thank you
Garrick Wow! Great picture! What a monster! My L. parahybana is only about 5".
(this message is from a friend of mine he has a site called Eight have a look very good site)
GAMontgomery Steve: Thanks for the informative website. I'm a writer and I need to know something about tarantulas in particular: are spiders warm-blooded creatures? Thanks for you help.
Paul You have a great site...well done
GAMontgomery I've heard it said that something about spider physiology would make it "impossible" for a mutant tarantula to acheive the body mass of say a German Shepherd dog. Why is that the case? And, if you were to be creatively speculative on this subject -- what sort of "evolutionary" modifications would life have to make in order to make the imaginary spider in question "plausible?" Yeah, I'm a writer of bizarre fiction but I want to keep this as accurate as one can be when dealing with a subject considered impossible in the first place. Any insights will be appreciated and if you don't know but do know somebody who can illuminate me -- please forward this note.
alansnake1 Hi, I have just come across you web page and fnd it very good, I would like to link it to mine, perhpas you would link mine to yours
Barbara Miller Hi, First, cool web site, lots of info. Second I have a question about my rose hair?
Barbara Miller Hi Steve, Thanks a lot for the info. I've already taken her food out. So I guess I'll just be patient. Thanks, Barbara
Brian Hi Steve Here are some pictures that I've taken of them; hope they can help. I assume this is a common tarantula here since all three appear to be the same species. Anyway, I look foreward to hearing from you tonight. Thanks again Brian
Darren Hi Steve, Looks like you've put in a great deal of work and I appreciate that, so I've added your page to my links section.
Mike Cestnik It's me, Mike Cestnik again. I like the new page about the books. Good job on it. I'll have to check out the books.
Arto Wikla Hi Steve, you have a valuable set of spider pages! I am very new to the hobby. I ejoyed of your pages.

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