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True Blood
  • Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse
  • Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton
  • Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte
  • Ryan Kwanten ( Tru Calling ) as Jason Stackhouse
  • Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton
  • Nelsan Ellis ( Veronica Mars ) as Lafayette Reynolds
  • Michael Raymond-James as Rene Lenier
  • Jim Parrack as Hoyt Fortenberry

    Season 1

  • True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 1] Strange Love
    Shown 7 Sep 08

    This is set in a parallel world where vampires not only exist, but have come out of the closet and are openly acknowledged.

    Sookie is a waitress in a redneck diner down in Dixie-land. She has the psychic ability to read peoples' minds. Human minds, that is - as she discovers when she meets her first ever vamp!

    Sookie's brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten - Tru Calling )is something of a babe-hound, which gets him into trouble ...

    True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 2] The First Taste
    Shown 14 Sep 08

    With all the graphic sex and violence introduced in the first episode, we now get onto character development. Sookie gets to know her vampire friend a bit better, but everyone else's love life is in limbo.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 3] Mine
    Shown 21 Sep 08

    Sookie meets some of Bill's vamp buddies, and learns more about vampire society.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 4] Escape From Dragon House
    Shown 28 Sep 08

    Sookie gets Bill to take her to the Fang-Banger club. It's a bit tame compared to Blade II , but it's nice to get a glimpse at the wider world that this series is set in.

    Meanwhile, Jason and Tara's friendship takes another step.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 5] Sparks Fly Out
    Shown 5 Oct 08

    Bill gives the townsfolk a lecture on his service in the US Civil War. We also get a flashback to how he became a vampire.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 6] Cold Ground
    Shown 12 Oct 08

    Sookie tries to cope with the repercussions of the discovery at the end of the previous ep. But Jason starts to suffer withdrawl symptoms, so he's no help. A split develops between the siblings.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 7] Burning House of Love
    Shown 19 Oct 08

    Bill and Sookie consummate their semi-forbidden love.

    Tara takes her crazy mom to the exorcist.

    Jason goes looking for some V-juice.

    Bill's vamp pals are in town again, and they want him to join them. They appear at the bar, looking for trouble. No wonder the rednecks don't like them!

    True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 8] The Fourth Man in the Fire
    Shown 26 Oct 08

    The rednecks get their revenge on the vamps. Bill is believed to have perished in the process.

    Tara's mom seems to be getting better, and even ditches her Devil-Juice.

    The bar owner, has been spotted running naked through the woods. He denies it, of course. Is his sidekick (the unhinged war veteran) delusional, or is he hiding a dangerous secret?

    Jason wakes up with his new girl after the best V-blood sex ever. She actually seems to be the perfect woman for him. But their craving for V gets ever stronger ...

    The Vamp Sheriff summons Sookie. Someone stole from him, and he wants her to use her mind-reading powers to find the thief.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 9] Plaisir D'Amour
    Shown 2 Nov 08

    Jason and his new GF settle down, and everything seems fine. Of course, this is the calm before the storm. She's a V-Blood junkie, and it's only a matter of time before Jason learns how bad things are.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 10] I Don't Wanna Know
    Shown 9th November 2009

    Sookie learns her boss's secret.

    Jason and his new GF try to control their new source of V-Blood.

    Tara gets her exorcism.

    Bill is taken before the Vampires' inquisitor (Zelko Ivanek - Hannibal ) to be tried and punished for his crime.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 11] To Love is to Bury
    Shown 16 Nov 08

    The serial killer claims another victim.

    Bill struggles to train his annoying teenage charge.

    Sookie discovers a clue to the killer's identity.

    Tara gets arrested for a DUI.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 1, Episode 12] You'll Be the Death of Me
    Shown 23 Nov 08

    Jason's in jail, but worst of all - he finds religion!

    Sookie thinks she knows who the real killer is. But he's closing in on her ...

    Tara joins up with self-taught Life Coach Michelle Forbes.

    One major character may not be back next Season ...

    True Blood True Blood [Season , Episode 1 ]
    Shown th October 2009 [Wednesday]

    True Blood

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  • True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 1] Nothing But the Blood
    Shown 14 Jun 09

    Sookie and Bill are shacked up together, nice and cosy. But Bill's teenage spawn threatens to ruin everything.

    Jason wants to go to Summer Camp with the Xian Fundamentalists. Will he find enough money to pay for it?

    The chef has survived, but is now being held by the Vamp Sheriff for selling V-Blood.

    The voodoo woman is murdered. Is there another serial killer in town?

    True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 2] Keep This Party Going
    Shown 21 Jun 09

    Jason goes to Summer Camp with the Xian Fundamentalists. As well as bible class, they also do anti-Vamp seminars. And they all wear silver rings. Will abstinence agree with Jason?

    Sookie has to babysit the teenage vamp girl.

    The chef tries to escape.

    Mary-Anne ( Michelle Phillips ) visits Sam's bar, and works her magicks there ...

    True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 3] Scratches
    Shown 28 Jun 09

    Sookie gets attacked by a strange monster in the woods. The Vamps help her, but at a price.

    Jason has doubts about the Xian camp he's attending. But they seem to have plans for him ...

    Mary-Anne ( Michelle Phillips ) holds another party, this time at her mansion. Tara twigs that something's wrong.

    The teenage Vamp girl gets a BF.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 4] Shake And Fingerpop
    Shown 12 Jul 09

    Bill and Sookie take the Teen Vamp to Texas, as Eric ordered. It turns out the abduction was by an extremist group.

    Mary-Anne has yet ANOTHER party. This one's the biggest so far.

    Eric goes looking for the V-dealer. He's got plans and motivations that have yet to be explained.

    Sookie meets a fellow mind-reader.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 5] Never Let Me Go
    Shown 19 Jul 09

    Sookie and Bill are in Texas, where they are joined by the Sheriff. We get to see a flashback to the Sheriff's making as a vamp. Sookie is more interested in finding the elusive bellboy.

    Sookie's idiot brother is having a crisis of faith in the Xian camp. The preacher's wife seems to be tempting him on purpose ...

    Sookie's best buddy has Michelle Philips and her coven camp out at Sookie's house.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 6] Hard-Hearted Hannah
    Shown 26 Jul 09

    Sookie goes undercover at the Church.

    Jason gets to find out how the Pastor's wife really feels about him.

    Erik has a plan to distract Bill from Sookie.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 7] Release Me
    Shown 2 Aug 09

    Sookie discovers who the traitor is. And she gets ever closer to finding out what happened to the Sheriff.

    Jason ends up in a lot of trouble, and it's not really his fault!

    Bill is cornered by his sociopathic sire.

    Back in Louisiana, we discover what Michelle Philips really is.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 8] Timebomb
    Shown 9 Aug 09

    The vampires and the Xian Fundamentalists finally face off against each other. Godric seems to be the voice of reason!

    Back home, Michelle Philips has framed the barman for murder. The police don't bother investigating the town drunk's claims of a satanic coven, even though the local folk (including pathologist John Billingsly!) are being rounded up for having sex in public (with a tree, in Billingsly's case)!

    True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 9] I Will Rise Up
    Shown 16 Aug 09

    The Army of Light try one desperate last-ditch attack on the vamps. But everyone suffers as a result.

    Godric is the voice of reason and compromise among the Dallas Vamps, but even he has superiors to answer to. And since the situation with the Xians gets worse, he has to carry the blame for it all.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 10] New World In My View
    Shown 23 Aug 09

    Sookie, Bill and Jason return to Louisiana. But this is no place like home ...

    Jason goes to save the Shifter from being sacrificed. The shell-shocked Barman actually seems better while possessed. But despite Jason being himself, his Army of Light training means that he actually succeeds. Most awesome rescue ever!

    Sookie and Bill help Lafayette give Tara her intervention. Even with combined mind-reading and vampiric compulsion, can they succeed?

    True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 11] Frenzy
    Shown 30 Aug 09

    Bill visits the Vamp Queen of Louisiana. She knows a lot about Mary-Anne's kind ... but she doesn't care enough to interfere.

    Tara wants to go back to Mary-Anne's place (it used to be Sookie's place, but it's been vandalised) ... Of course, Sookie and Lafayette have to go after her. And Lafayette is still shell-shocked from getting shot, tortured - worse, since he tasted Erik's blood he has visions!

    Jason and Detective Andy decide to go after Mary-Anne. The barman goes to get help from Erik.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 2, Episode 12] Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
    Shown 13 Sep 09

    Sookie and the rescue team discover they are out of their depth against Mary-Anne and her followers.

    Bill decides the only way to save Sookie is to exchange her for Sam.

    Eric plays Yahtze with the Vampire Queen of Louisiana.

    The Season Arc is dealt with quite swiftly, leaving half the ep dedicated to tying up loose ends. We also get a cliffhanger that leads into the next Season.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 1] Bad Blood AKA Pack of Wolves
    Shown 13/Jun/10

    Bill is kidnapped, but manages to break free from the kidnappers. This leaves him naked, alone in the forest, hunted by ferocious killers.

    Jason tries to get over the Eggs situation by having sex with a couple of girls. Unfortunately he keeps seeing them with bullet holes, and he finds this off-putting.

    Sam Merlotte goes hunting for clues about his birth family.

    Tara is suicidal. Luckily Lafayette understands this.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 2] Beautifully Broken
    Shown 20/Jun/10

    Bill is taken into custody by the Vampire King of Missisippi, who apparently knows a lot more about the werewolves.

    Sookie asks Eric for help. It turns out that Eric and Godric have been secretly hunting the Nazi werewolves for decades.

    Jason tries to help Detective Andy get over the Eggs situation.

    Sam Merlotte discovers his birth family.

    Lafayette takes Tara to a hospital. Alfre Woodward is his misbegotten mother.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 3] It Hurts Me Too
    Shown 27/Jun/10

    Sookie discovers that Bill is being held across the State Line in Mississippi. She decides to go looking - she can read werewolves' minds, of course. Eric can't go with her, although he doesn't bother explaining Vampire politics. At least he gives her a bodyguard - a tame (-ish) werewolf.

    Bill has flashbacks to what happened to his family after he became a vampire. Despite what Eric's sire ordered in the previous season, Bill's sire is still obsessed with him.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 4] 9 Crimes
    Shown 11/Jul/10

    Bill involves himself more deeply in the Missisippi plan.

    Sookie goes undercover at the Werewolf club.

    Erik has problems with untrustworthy drug-dealers. Worse, the Magister (Zelko Ivanek - Hannibal ) is back.

    Sam tries to sort things out with his family.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 5] Trouble
    Shown 18/Jul/10

    Bill's childe takes a job as a waitress at Sam's bar. she discovers that her Ex is now dating Brigitte from Big Bang Theory.

    Erik visits Mississippi, and befriends the King.

    Jason gets a new love interest, but is as stupid as ever.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 6] I Got a Right to Sing the Blues
    Shown 25/Jul/10

    Bill, Sookie and Tara are all guests in the King's house, each with a different yet horrible fate lined up.

    Erik plays along with the King, because he has his own agenda.

    Sam the barman discovers what his family's dark secret is.

    Lafayette has a new love interest, but his drug-dealing problems catch up with him.

    Jason finds out that his new love interest has a family.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 7] Hitting the Ground
    Shown 01/Aug/10

    Sookie rescues Bill, but naturally it dosn't go the way she expected. She ends up in the ICU, the first time she's ever been hospitalised. The doctors discover she has no blood type, while Sookie wakes up in a garden full of nymphs.

    Sam tries to rescue his brother from the dog-fights.

    The King confronts the Magister, the only one with the legal power to marry him to the Queen.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 8] Night on the Sun
    Shown 08/Aug/10

    Sookie is home. But the Vamp King and his minions are after her. Luckily, Bill and Jessica are around.

    Erik starts his plan for revenge on the King.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 9] Everything is Broken
    Shown 15/Aug/10

    Erik gets home, but has to explain himself to the Vampire Authority.

    Sookie discovers that her cousin told their family history to Queen Sophie.

    Jason tries to sort out his GF's cousin-cum-fiance. But the violent SOB means trouble for the Deputies, so Jason tells Sheriff Andy about the drugs link.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 10] I Smell a Rat
    Shown 22/Aug/10

    Bill and Sookie discuss her family history. Faeries were wiped out by vamps.

    Sam remembers his past, as a con-man working with femme fatale Arielle Kebble . Naturally it all ended in tears, though Sam got enough money to buy himself a bar.

    Russell is being hunted by the authorities. The Church of the Sun is still around, using the opportunity to preach hatred towards vamps.

    Erik tries to control Sookie through her dreams. She hates him for abandoning her in Russell's house, which is what Bill Compton did to Tara. But Russell is coming to get them all ...

    Jason confesses his guilty secret. He also discovers his GF's secret.

    Lafayette and his Shaman BF use v-blood for time-travel.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 11] Fresh Blood
    Shown 29/Aug/10

    Sam Merlotte gets drunk and insults everyone in the bar.

    Eric and Russell explore Sookie's abilities.

    Jason finds a V-Blood conspiracy.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 3, Episode 12] Evil is Going On
    Shown 12/Sep/10

    Lafayette is still recovering from the V-blood.

    The DEA are in town. Jason tries to save the hillbillies.

    Sam Merlotte's younger brother decides to take the money and run. How far will Sam go to get his money back?

    Russell Edgington gets his comeuppance. Sookie turns out to be a sadistic bitch.

    Bill starts to even the score with Russell and others.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 4, Episode 1] She's Not There
    Shown 26/Jun/11

    Sookie is in Faerie Land, and meets get grandpa (Gary - Lucas Buck in American Gothic ). But all is not as nice as it seems, and she has to return to Earth ...

    A year has passed, and everyone seems better off without Sookie. They have all found cliques of their own, and prospered. Well, Bill's Ward is settled down with her BF but they don't have domestic bliss. And Tara is a lesbian wrestler in New Orleans.

    Bill and Eric have both bettered their situations. However, for Sookie only a few hours have passed, so she has yet to forgive either of them.

    Lafayette and his BF are involved with the local coven of witches. Sam Merlotte is part of a Shifter group therapy session.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 4, Episode 2] You Smell Like Dinner
    Shown 03/Jul/11

    The Panther folk have plans for Sookie's brother.

    Bill sends Eric to deal with the witches, before their necromancy becomes a problem. But Lafayette and Tara are present, which adds to the situation.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 4, Episode 3] If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?
    Shown 10/Jul/11

    Sookie takes Eric home.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 4, Episode 4] I'm Alive And On Fire
    Shown 17/Jul/11

    Jason Stackhouse makes his break for it.

    Eric is still hiding out with Sookie. She gets the wolf-guy from last Season to help.

    Pam demands the Wiccans restore Eric. But the spell was not theirs - it was from the spirit of the vamp-hating Spanish Witch they accidentally awakened.

    True Blood True Blood [Season 4, Episode 5] Me and The Devil
    Shown 24/Jul/11

    King Bill takes direct action against the witches. He convenes a meeting of his 4 remaining sheriffs. One was actually present at the Inquisition event in 1610.

    The waitress and the chef call over the Baptist minister and his wife (Tara's mom) for an exorcism of their devil baby.

    Sam Merlotte helps his kid brother cover up his misdeeds. But Sheriff Andy decides to get nosy as well as high.

    Sookie is warned by her grandmother that Eric's state is only temporary. But she still falls for his charms.

    Jason recovers from his puma-woman ordeal. But he starts having dreams about his rescuers ... And the full moon is tomorrow night.

    42     4-06                31/Jul/11   I Wish I Was The Moon
    43     4-07                07/Aug/11   Cold Grey Light of Dawn
    44     4-08                14/Aug/11   Spellbound
    45     4-09                21/Aug/11   Run
    46     4-10                28/Aug/11   Burning Down the House 
    47     4-11                04/Sep/11   Soul of Fire 
    48     4-12                11/Sep/11   And when I Die 
    True Blood True Blood [Season 4, Episode 1 ]
    Shown th Feb 2012 [Sunday]

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