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Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 1] Buddha's Bowl
Shown 26th November 2001 - Monday

We are introduced to the stars - Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ], her research assistant Nigel and the sexy blonde bimbo secretary. Sydney and Nigel head off to Nepal to find the Bowl of Buddha. They have competition, in the form of a guy named Stewie.

For some reason, Nepal looks like a backlot in a cheap sound stage, filled with extras who look almost but not entirely completely non-Nepalese.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 2] The Smoking Gun
Shown 27th November 2001 - Tuesday

1930s Chicago, and Al Capone ambushes a stool-pidgeon on his way to the FBI. The stoolie is framed for murdering someone with a diamond-studded pistol.

Sydney is hired to find the pistol, supposedly to postumously clear the name of the accused stoolie. She and Nigel go to Capone's hotel, and register as a married couple.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 3] The Headless Nun
Shown 28th November 2001 - Wednesday

Nova Scotia, 1600s, and a nun is killed by a pioneer.

Modern day, and Sydney flies back to the USA with a gold crown. Her partner doublecrosses her, and the plane crash-lands.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 4] Flag Day
Shown 29th November 2001 - Thursday

1846, and the Californian Gringos fight for independance from Mexico. A century and a half later, Sydney goes in search of the California flag.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 5] Thank You Very Much
Shown 30th November 2001 - Friday

Sydney is hired to locate and retrieve a guitar that Elvis Presley left in Germany while on National Service there. However, the murky trail leads to a former Stasi commander.

The compulsory T&A scene is in a laundrette. Our heroes hide out there, chased by the villains, but the manager insists that they wash their clothes ...

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 6] Diamond in the Rough
Shown 30 Oct 99

The episode starts with Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ] stripped to her skivvies, in a knife-fight with her ex-lover, a rival Relic Hunter.

The so-called relic this time is an American Baseball glove that was lost several decades earlier. The player who lost it is portrayed by Gordon Pinsent [ Due South ].

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 7] Transformation
Shown 6 Nov 99

Salzburg, Austria, 1946. A team of Brits break into the alchemists' vault, where they steal the scrolls of Paraselsus.

In the modern day, a US Government Intelligence Agent [Costas Mandylor - Andromeda ] hires Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ] to find one of the scrolls in Peru! It has the power to turn things into gold.

This leads on to lots of SPFX and mud wrestling.

For some reason, all the women in the episode appear to be crazy for Nigel. Even Lindy Booth sexually harasses him.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 8] Etched in Stone
Shown 13 Nov 99

Northumbria, 935 CE, and a Viking King is slain in battle. His comrades carve out a runestone in his honour.

A thousand years later, Sydney is ordered to assist a visiting professor [Stewie, a recurring character] who wants to find the stone. For some reason, they search for it in Sweden ... even though most Vikings who raided England were from Norway.

Lindy Booth is credited, but instead of her the office is run by a clone. She pops up at the end to let us know she hasn't been fired.

The token T&A scene is when our heroes have to search for the relic in a nudist colony!

Douglas O'Keefe [ Dark Angel, Mutant X ] leads a Viking society that is also after the relic.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 9] The Book of Love
Shown 20 Nov 99

The episode starts with Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ] taking a dip. Yes, this is the swimsuit edition!

A football [soccer, for the Yanks] player gets Sydney assigned to help him find Casanova's Book of Love. She complains that it's not a relic, although in previous episodes she's gone after a guitar and a baseball glove. A modern Casanova himself, the player's charms work on Sydney. They fly off to Milan, Italy, where Casanova lived. Luckily the museum has very lax security, though our Archaeologists don't bother talking to the museum director to ask permission or even to say what they found!

For some reason, yet another secret society is after the relic. This time it's fanatical Catholic monks.

Ramona Milano plays Anna.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 10] The Myth of the Maze
Shown 16th October 2001 - Tuesday

Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ] and a couple of her students, Claudia and Nigel [a blonde bimbo and a guy with an english accent], to Athens with her. They go on a quest to find the golden twine in the maze of King Minos.

They team up with a pretty-boy Greek-American type called Stavros. Unfortunately his estranged father is a greedy millionnaire who wants the twine for himself. This provides an excuse for a quick fist-fight.

The writer's knowledge of ancient Greece seems to have come from Xena . It's only a pity that this show doesn't have such high production values.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 11] Irish Crown Affair
Shown 17th October 2001 - Wednesday

1017, the Battle of Clontarf, and Brian Boru the High King of Ireland is killed by a Viking. Boru's sidekick Hugh O'Donnell takes the Irish crown and hides it.

Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ] is approached by a childhood friend whose Internet pen-pal has discovered a clue to the location of Boru's crown, a centuries-old parchment that someone apparently bought in a Dublin flea-market. Apparently the pen-pal's flat has been ransacked and he won't answer his telephone. Instead of phoning the Dublin police and letting them deal with it, Sydney and pals get on the first plane to Eire.

The pen-pal turns out to be a comic-relief twit. The other local Sydney recruits to help them is an O'Donnell, descendant of Hugh O'Donnell. According to this show, the O'Donnells were called traitors by the Irish for giving their allegience to the English King, Henry II. Typical for American TV, this show embraces revisionist Anti-English history. In reality Henri II wasn't English, he was a French Angevin. His knights were Cambro-Normans, in other words French Vikings who lived in Wales.

The story needs a bit of conflict, so our heroes get some competition in their quest. The villain is an Irish-American millionaire who's obsessed with his roots. Well, at least the writers got something right.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 12] Emperor's Bride
Shown 18th October 2001 - Thursday

1000 BCE, Huang River in China. At the funeral of a Princess, a valuable necklace is placed around her neck. However, the coffin is stolen and taken down the river to parts unknown.

Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ] and her English sidekick [Christien Anholt] get word that the relic is in Alaska. When they get there they discover that Sydney's rival, a big tall blond fellow, is after the relic for himself.

John Schneider [ Smallville ] crops up as Dallas, a rival relic-hunter [and old flame of Syd's].

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 13] Afterlife and Death
Shown 19th October 2001 - Friday

Egypt, 1425 BCE, and a pharaoh is buried with a meteor containing a fist-sized diamond. We flash forward to the current day, and an archaeologist is framed for stealing it. He's a pal of Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere , who heads off to help. First stop is Cairo, to free her friend and pick up the trail. Next they go to Amsterdam, where the thief plans to sell the gem.

This is pretty much the same as the other episodes in the show. The difference is, they've certainly upped the T&A factor.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 14] Nine Lives
Shown 22nd October 2001 - Monday

Egypt 1895, and a thief who plundered the tomb of the cat-god takes the train from Cairo to Alexandria. However, the statue he stole is cursed, and he dies at the claws of a giant cat.

Come the modern day, and Sydney is hired by Rena Mero to retrieve the statue, which has once again been stolen. Sydney and her sidekick run around an unexciting part of NYC, but the episode does have MAJOR babe factor in the form of Ms Mero. Also, the fact that she is WWF wrestler Sable means there's a pretty good cat-fight at the climax.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 15] Affair De Couer
Shown 23rd October 2001 - Tuesday

Scotland, 1430, and a castle in the Highlands is scene to Romeo and Juliet-style suicide love-pact. The lovers had a pair of matching rings.

Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ] and her sidekick head to the castle, now a hotel. Also on the trail of the relic is Sydney's ex-BF Francois. Sydney's babelicious pal who wants the rings for her marriage takes an interest in the caretaker instead of her absentee fiance. The predictable anachronisms include a post-Rennaissance portrait and a secret push-button door.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 16] A Vanishing Art
Shown 24th October 2001 - Wednesday

Budapest 1897, and the Royal Sceptre of Hungary mysteriously disappears during a performance by a famous stage illusionist. In the modern day, Sydney is called in by an illusionist friend of hers who claims he has a clue to the sceptre's whereabouts.

Sydney and her sidekick spend the episode wandering about a theatre filled with strange illusionists' props. They have to pass themselves off as the Magician's assistants, which means we get to see them in some interesting costumes.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 17] A Good Year
Shown 25th October 2001 - Thursday

1792 France, and Marie Antoinette's lover hides the Crown Jewels of France.

Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ] and her English sidekick [Christien Anholt] go to the chateau of the lover's descendant. They work out that the jewels are in a wine bottle. However, the bottle is stolen and they must retrieve it.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 18] The Last Knight
Shown 26th October 2001 - Friday

Recent episodes were set in a castle and in France. This episode starts with both - at the HQ of the Knights Templar, circa 1300 when the King of France had them arrested. However, the leader's sword was taken to a place of safety ...

One of the film companies responsible for the show is Gaumont, responsible for the Highlander series. This means that the show is filmed in actual Paris locations, including MacLeod's barge on the Seine!

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 19] Love Letter
Shown 29th October 2001 - Monday

Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ] and Nigel head off to France yet again! This time they are after the deeds to a village, lost from their Aristocratic owner during the French Revolution.

Meanwhile, Claudia manages to cover for Sydney's absence.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 20] Possessed
Shown 30th October 2001 - Tuesday

Libya, 1300, and a gorgeous [and very caucasian] female vampire claims a victim.

Back at Trinity College in the modern day, and Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ] is researching the topic. A friend of hers is mysteriously ill, and he suspects his fiance [ Jane March ] is a vampire. After all, she does wear a mystical medallion the size of her fist.

The only way to break the curse is to locate the sacred sundial of Zeus. Hmm. Anyway, luckily for them the sundial is at a feminist commune in Brussels. Sydney goes to steal it, but her wimpish assistant falls under the vampire womens' spell.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 21] Nothing but the Truth
Shown 2nd November 2001 - Friday

The relic this time round is a 12th Century Syrian chalice that afflicts the owner with compulsive truth-telling. Sydney and her assistant team up with Sydney's rival, a short fat balding con-man named Stevie. He is on the run for his life.

The chalice is tracked down to a Paris cookery school, set in the same old chateau from several previous episodes. However, as always there are some completely different French gangsters. There are also a couple of English actors in the cast. One is the chef, the other is the man who played Silas in Highlander [Season 5] . Also among the students at the cookery school are three blonde babes, the Dahn triplets - wooden acting but great to look at.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 1, Episode 22] Memories on Montmartre
Shown 27 May 00
Shown 1st November 2001 - Thursday

Professor Sydney [ Tia Carrere ] and her English sidekick [Christien Anholt] go in search for her grandmother's lost locket. It will lead them to the tiara of the Russian Royal Family. On the way they end up in a couple of compromising positions, in a confessional and in a crypt.

Meanwhile, Claudia is assigned to rent a new apartment for the sidekick.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 1] The Put Back
Shown 23 Sep 00

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 2] Dagger of Death
Shown 10th January 2002 - Thursday

The show has a new opening credits sequence with flashy new SPFX. Lindy Booth is finally listed as a star, not merely a Guest-Star!

Sydney and Nigel go to a Silence of the Lambs style ultra-security prison. It's probably filmed on the same set. Her fellow Professor has been arrested for murder - he was possessed by the spirit of a Kali-cult sacrificial dagger. Odd, since Kali's cult [the Thugee] used garottes!

Sydney must return the dagger to its sheath, somewhere in Calcutta. However, present-day Kali-worshippers are after it too.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 3] Last of the Mochicas
Shown 11th January 2002 - Friday

South America, 662 AD. The soul of a dead Pre-Incan Warrior is kept in a bottle. In the modern day, Sydney enters the tomb and finds the bottle.

Sydney and Nigel are pursued by a rival, Strom. They get to the airport ahead of him - well, it's just a tiny airstrip in a remote area of Peru. However, their plane [with a motley band of untrustworthy passengers] is shot down by persons unknown.

Will they make it out of the jungle in one piece? Who is the traitor in cahoots with Strom?

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 4] The Legend of the Lost
Shown 14 Oct 00

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 5] Fertile Ground
Shown 21 Oct 00

Sydney and Nigel go to Hawaii. Sydney's high-school BF [Steven Bauer - Snapdragon] is tracking down a stolen idol ...

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 6] Gypsy Jigsaw
Shown 28 Oct 00

Syd gets a message from Bucharest.

Lindy Booth tags along.

The relics are handpainted tarot cards from gypsies.

The Vulture is the villain.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 7] Three Rivers to Cross
Shown 4 Nov 00

The relic is a Jade Statue.

Syd's dad [Fred Dryer - Death Before Dishonour] is engineer building a dam in China. He's getting married to a Pam Anderson looklike.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 8] Roman Holiday
Shown 11 Nov 00

Claudia tails thief to Rome.

Syd and Nigel try to save her.

The relic is Caesar's breastplate.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 9] Cross of Voodoo
Shown 4th April 2002 - Thursday

Syd hunts for a Voodoo cross in New Orleans

She encounters a Professor [Nigel Bennett - Lexx ] and an evil priest [Andrew Gillies - Codename Eternity ].

Claudia sexually harrasses the UPS delivery boy. He's asking for it, wearing a uniform.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 10] Lost Contact
Shown 12th April 2002 - Friday

An expedition finds a lost city, deep in the Burmese jungle. Home base has a satellite vid-phone link, and see the expedition get taken out by ssome unknown force. Yes, this owes something to the movie Congo .

Sydney and Nigel are on the rescue team, along with their untrustworthy employer.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 11] The Real Thing
Shown 12th April 2002 - Friday

Sydney and Nigel visit Egypt. Meanwhile, Claudia is technical advisor on a movie set.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 12] M.I.A.
Shown 20 Jan 01

Syd is abducted.

Nigel and Claudia and Kate [Interpol agent] have to find her. This is a good excuse for a clip show!

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 13] Out of the Past
Shown 4th April 2002 - Thursday

Claudia claims to have memories of a previous life. Apparently she was one of Cleopatra's handmaidens! However, she turns out to have an uncanny insight into the ancient events ...

Claudia can lead Syd to Cleo's lost necklace. However, they are stalked by a relic-thief nicknamed The Scorpion.

It's good to see Claudia out of the office again. Though she's not ditzy enough, and Nigel has to stay in the office and do her work.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 14] Eyes of Toklamanee
Shown 13th August 2005 - Saturday

Syd goes to St Louis, where a Grad student claims to have uncovered clues to a secret artefact from Cahokia, the ancient native American city. It's buried under a construction site, where the official archaeologist is a woman. Yes, Syd's female rival is a proper archaeologist, not a relic hunter! Also, the grad student acts as Syd's sidekick, so Nigel only gets a few scenes in the office with Claudia.

The Cahokians' powers aren't written off as magic. Instead, we're expected to believe in a stone-age society that build a nuclear reactor!

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 15] Run, Sydney, Run
Shown 13th August 2005 - Saturday

In the Ural Steppes of Russia, Syd and Nigel recover an artefact. Sydney (in a wetsuit showing her cleavage) discovers a perfectly-preserved sword from a lake. Then they are ambushed by rebels. Syd wakes up alone in a strange house ...

This ep has little to do with the actual relic - it's just a plot device to put Syd in peril. The most noteable thing about it is, it's a 1000 year-old sword that's spent the last 200 years in a lake, and yet it isn't even SLIGHTLY rusted. The story turns into The Most Dangerous Game .

Lindy Booth is still in the credits. She is not a bimbo, she is very mature. For a change.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 16] French Connection
Shown 24 Feb 01

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 17] Don't Go Into the Woods
Shown 16 Apr 01

A Scottish princess goes MIA in the Carpathians, in 1711CE. Local werewolves get the blame.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 18] Midnight Flight
Shown 23 Apr 01

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 19] The Executioner's Mask
Shown 30 Apr 01

In 1780 a French executioner's mask is cursed.

The relic ends up aamong the props of some Paris fashion models.

Claudia is too mature and husky-voiced.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 20] The Royal Ring
Shown 7 May 01

The relic is Anne Boelyn's ring.

Nigel's brother Preston [Crispin Bonham Carter] needs Syd's help.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 21] Set in Stone
Shown 14 May 01

1595, a Saint turns a Demon into stone in a Hungarian Monastery. A Demon who looks like The Kurgan from Highlander ...

Nigel, told the story as a boy, investigates. But the monks deny all knowledge of it.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 2, Episode 22] Deadline
Shown 21 May 01

1090, the First Crusade - the relic is a Holy Cross.

Claudia gets to say in a Paris Hotel. Syd's ex-BF has virus, and she has to find the relic to exchange it for the cure.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 1] Wages of Sydney
Shown 17 Sep 01

This is Season 3 - Tanja Reichert is the receptionist, there's no sign of Lindy Booth ! Claudia's gone from the office. Apparently she had a fashion-related emergency - a dream job in NYC! The replacement jiggles when she walks.

Syd and Nigel visit China. The inhabitants all speak English, and dress like RenFair folks with guns. Somehow this doesn't match my image of the PRC.

The relic is a Dragon's Egg, loaded with liquid explosive since 1498 CE!

Syd and Nigel face a couple of rival relic-hunters. Funny how Syd never has recurring villains!

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 2] Mr. Right
Shown 24 Sep 01

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 3] Sydney at Ten
Shown 1 Oct 01

Sydney has a flashback to her mentor, the history professor at a girls' school. When Syd was a wee girl at Boarding school, her favourite teacher was murdered. Now she gets to hunt down the killer.

Simon Macorkindale ( Jaws 3-D ) produced and guest-stars.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 5] The Light of Truth
Shown 8 Oct 01

843 CE, an Arabian sorceror reveals liars.

Syd's student [an Arab prince] wants to find the relic. Syd's rival Kafka (Ralph Moeller - Scorpion King ) pretends to help, but is duplicitous ...

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 5] Treasure Island
Shown 15 Oct 01

Syd goes to the Caribbean, to find pirates' booty on the real-life Treasure Island.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 6] Star of Nadir
Shown 22 Oct 01

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 7] Vampire's Kiss
Shown 29 Oct 01

Adrian Paul [ Highlander The Series ] is a historical writer suspected of being a vamp. A blood-sucker, that is. He and Syd go to Transylvania to hunt for a relic once owned by Vlad Tepes, AKA Dracula.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 9] Devil Doll
Shown 5 Nov 01

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 9] Incognito
Shown 12 Nov 01

Nigel goes undercover as a relic thief to infiltrate a secret society. Yes, they met a relic thief who looked just like Nigel. luckily, he was a moron.

Another stroke of luck, the relic Nigel is pretending to have stolen is one that gives superhuman strength and speed to anyone affected by it.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 10] All Choked Up
Shown 19 Nov 01

Claudia Christian uses an Ancient Greek necklace to magically brainwash Syd.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 11] Warlock of Nu Theta Phi
Shown 14 Jan 02

The story starts in 1692, at the Salem witch-trials. The relic is a magical amulet

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 12] Women Want to Know
Shown 21 Jan 02

Syd is trapped in a cave with a blonde TV presenter. But at least the cameraman is practical.

The local guerillas, supposedly Asians, all speak very Americanised pigdin English rather than a native dialect.

Nigel and Karen have to convince the Ambassador to help.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 13] Fire in the Sky
Shown 28 Jan 02

1398 CE, US Pacific Northwest. Native Americans see a UFO land.

Modern Day, and Syd tells her students about how that particular tribe mysteriously switched from animal sketches to circles and triangles. Coincidentally, a modern descendant of the tribe visits her with clues to a relic ...

This is a serious excavation, although Sydney is in a black lace and fishnet cleavage top. In the boonies, Nigel is sexually harrassed by biker George Buzo [ Sinbad, Mutant X ]. Worse, the Native sheriff and the Federal MIBs are out to catch the interlopers. Syd is up against a MIB conspiracy concerning Project Echelon.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 14] Hunting with the Enemy
Shown 4 Feb 02

Simon Macorkindale ( Jaws 3-D ) is back. Roger R. Cross ( First Wave ) guest-stars.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 15] Antianeiral
Shown 11 Feb 02

1200 BCE, Asia Minor. Herakles duels an Amazon warrior-woman.

Syd gets a call from one of her mentors - the one who got her the job at the College. He falls foul of Joanie Laurer [Chyna the WWF wrestler] and her Amazon women. She's the second WWF woman to appear in the show - Sable appeared in Season 1 - and she played a similar role commanding the armed wing of a secret society in Dark Angel .

Syd and Nigel hunt for the Amazons in Turkey. The villainous women have armoured wonderbras - they want to be THE Amazons!

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 16] Under the Ice
Shown 18 Feb 02

Jeff Wincott guest-stars.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 17] Arthur's Cross
Shown 15 Apr 02

An artefact linked to King Arthur is involved in a murder in modern-day England. Syd and Nigel must discover the artefact and avoid getting murdered themselves!

The artefact is the cross with the latin inscription Here Lies Arthur, King of the Britons. This is actually a fake, made for the Angevins circa 1190, but since it's still 800 years old it's worth looking for!

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 18] Faux Fox
Shown 22 Apr 02

Kenneth Colley ( Empire Strikes Back ) guest-stars.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 19] Pandora's Box
Shown 30th October 2005 - Sunday

Syd and Nigel must recover Pandora's Box. If this rather literal reference to a Greek legend seems familiar, that's because it was later used in Lara Croft: Cradle of Life .

They get to dress up as Belly-dancers. Predictably, Nigel is the one who has to do the sexy dance.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 20] The Warlord
Shown 15th February 2006 [Wednesday]

Syd and Nigel are at a dig in a cave in the Middle East. They're after the Khalida's saddle - the magical belt of a woman who led the local nomad tribes in Bekkastan, 1401 CE.

Our heroes must team up with a local horse-thief and his sister, who seek to unite the tribes and save them from the rule of a vicious usurper.

This ep is unusual in a couple of ways. Karen ( Tanja Reichert ) doesn't appear, except as an ansafone message when Nigel phones home. Evidently the ep was entirely shot on location. Secondly, the belt's power appears to be scientific rather than magical!

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 21] Fountain of Youth

Nigel is with Syd at an Archaeology convention, when he is violently assaulted by a gorgeous blonde. Poor lad - it's the most action he's had in ages.

It turns out she was after Nigel's elder brother, who has clues to a sample of water from the Fountain of Youth. It was sent to Elizabeth I by the Spanish, but never made it.

Syd's rival/old flame Shaun James is also after the relic. Ian MacNiece [ Rome ] is the Duke.

Relic Hunter Relic Hunter [Season 3, Episode 22] So Shall It Be

Stonehenge, 121 AD. The last of the Druids prepare to hide their golden sundial things, before the Romans get them. However, Simon Macorkindale [ Jaws 3-D ] pops up and calls Syd a murderer. Yes, this is Syd's dream!

Syd and Nigel are summoned to England. Well, at least the architecture and car number-plates look British! A mysterious stranger gets them to help him steal a relic from a cult. However, they soon become distrustful.

The Cult and conspiracies, despite being regular cliches in this show, seem to have been inspired in this case by The Ninth Gate.

This is the end of Season 3, and the end of the show. But it's not bad, as endings go.