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  • Skeet Ulrich [ Chill Factor ] as Jake Green
  • Ashley Scott as Emily Sullivan
  • Sprague Grayden as Heather Lisinski
  • Erik Knudsen as Dale Turner
  • Lennie James as Rob Hawkins
  • Gerald McRaney [Deadwood] as Mayor Johnston Green
  • Pamela Reed as Gail Green
  • Kenneth Mitchell as Eric Green
  • Michael Gaston as Gray Anderson
  • Brad Beyer as Stanley Richmond
  • Shoshannah Stern as Bonnie Richmond
  • Darby Stanchfield as April Green
  • Beth Grant as Gracie Leigh

    Season 1

  • Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
    Shown 20 Sep 06
    Shown 12th January 2007 [friday]

    Skeet Ulrich returns home to a small Kansas town named Jericho, and promptly lies to everyone about where he's been for the last few years.

    The town is thrown into chaos after a nuclear attack cuts off all power and communication with the outside world.

    Alicia Coppola pops up as an IRS Agent.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 2] Fallout
    Shown 27 Sep 06
    Shown 17th January 2007 [friday]

    Ashley Scott gets a lift with a couple of cops. But they may not be real cops ...

    Skeet and his brother must get the entire population into their cellars, mineshafts and fallout shelters before the Black Rain arrives.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 3] Four Horsemen
    Shown 4 Oct 06
    Shown 24th January 2007 [friday]

    The townsfolk send out scouts. Skeet finds some planes that landed, and retrieves the black box from one.

    Someone drops relief supplies. The markings appear to be Chinese ...

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 4] Walls of Jericho
    Shown 11 Oct 06
    Shown 31st January 2007 [friday]

    A severely burned man arrives in town. Lennie James knows him - and they're not who they claim to be.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 5] Federal Response
    Shown 18 Oct 06

    The electricity supply is working again. Finally, people can watch TV (the only broadcast is a Please Wait to hear the Federal Response one) and even recharge their cell-phone batteries.

    Unfortunately, fires break out. The library is set ablaze, but Lennie James knows how to work the fire-fighting equipment.

    Finally, the townsfolk learn something about what has happened. But it looks like things will get worse before they get better.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 6] 9:02
    Shown 25 Oct 06

    The biggest farm in the county is in trouble. The crop is blighted with insects, and the woman who owns the store won't give them any insecticide. Even when the IRS woman, who's confiscated the farm, bribes and threatens her! Bearing in mind that the town is cut off from whatever civilisation still exists, and that their food supplies are already running low, they can't afford to let the crops rot in the fields!

    Lennie James has to explain himself to his annoying teenage daughter.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 7] Long Live the Mayor
    Shown 1 Nov 06

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 8] Rogue River
    Shown 8 Nov 06

    The Mayor is ill, and the appropriate medicine isn't available locally. Skeet and his brother drive 90 miles to the big town, Rogue River, where the nearest hospital is.

    Rogue River is empty of people - it was cleared out by FEMA. The Hospital has been looted by trigger-happy Contractors - a Blackwater-type organisation. And the boys get besieged there!

    Lennie James comes under suspicion. Not because he's the token black man, but because he's the newest arrival in the town. After all, whoever nuked the USA must have broken the Fourth Protocol,

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 9] Crossroads
    Shown 15 Nov 06

    The Blackwater-type Contractors come to town, and attack Jericho. The locals try to defend themselves.

    Luckily, Ashley Scott 's father is James Russo [ ], leader of a bunch of gun-toting thugs.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 10] Red Flag
    Shown 22 Nov 06

    The Chinese start dropping food and supplies. There's a power generator, but it's stolen by James Russo's thugs. The townsfolk have to get it back.

      Episode #      Prod #     Air Date   Episode Title
    _____ ______ ____________ ___________ ___________________________________________
           S-11      111.5     14 Feb 07   Special Presentation

    Season 1

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 11] Vox Populi
    Shown 29 Nov 06

    The townsfolk hold an election for the job of Mayor. The incumbant, Skeet's dad, has an eager rival.

    James Russo has been expelled by the thugs, who have a new leader. He seeks refuge from the townsfolk, who suspect him of murder and want to lynch him.

    The farmer and the IRS Agent have decided to take their relationship a step further.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 12] The Day Before
    Shown 21 Feb 07

    We get a flashback to the day before the first ep starts. Skeet is looking for work as a Government security contractor. Unfortunately, his best buddy falls in with the Blackwater-type Contractors ...

    Lennie James is working for some mysterious folks who send him on a mission. However, he has his family to worry about - his wife has plans of her own. And his GF has problems too.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 13] Black Jack
    Shown 28 Feb 07

    The town is running short of resources, and winter is coming. A woman suggests they build wind-turbines, but they need spare parts to build them. Luckily, the newcomers passed a trading camp a couple of hundred miles away. Skeet, his dad and a few others head off to barter for the items they need.

    Lennie James is reunited with his partner. But can he trust her? After all, his vengeful ex-employers are after him, and know where he lives!

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 14] Heart of Winter
    Shown 7 Mar 07

    Resources are running scarce in the town. Winter's closing in, and trading isn't really an option. Skeet goes scavenging with the farmer and the IRS lady. They get ambushed by some thugs in a blacked-out pickup truck, who want to steal the scavenged loot. Skeet ends up in a bad way, and unburdens his conscience ...

    Lennie James and his GF go looking for their nearest contact. But someone else has gotten there first. They're being hunted, and the hunter has left them just enough info for them to know that their unit is being taken out, one at a time. Lennie has leverage - the package is hidden nearby. But can he protect his family?

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 15] Semper Fidelis
    Shown 14 Mar 07

    A platoon of US Marines come to town. They promise supplies and help. Skeet flirts with one of them, Erin Daniels , but she doesn't respond to his approaches. Perhaps the fact she's a refugee from The L Word has something to do with it ...

    Lennie James has a confrontation with the hunter ...

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 16] Winter's End
    Shown 28 Mar 07

    Lennie James has been abandoned by his (ex-)wife. Worse, he's being questioned by the cops about his GF, who has moved on ...

    Meanwhile, resources are getting low. The Mayor has to negotiate to get some new wind turbines.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 18] One Man's Terrorist
    Shown 4 Apr 07

    The Mayor's secret is out, so he decides to expell the refugees. Resources are low and rationing is over-stretched. Unfortunately, the Refugees decide they don't want to go. Ashley Scott 's husband gets into a stand-off, and Skeet tries to save the day.

    Lennie James investigates the people who are hunting him. He's a bit like Jack Bauer, with his own little subplot that doesn't involve the other main characters.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 18] A.K.A.
    Shown 11 Apr 07

    Skeet interrogates Lennie James at gunpoint.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 19] Casus Belli
    Shown 18 Apr 07

    Skeet visits the neighbouring town, New Bern. The Mayor there [Timothy Omundson - Xena ] is planning something bad ...

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 20] One If by Land
    Shown 25 Apr 07

    Skeet meets up with Maggie [ Erin Daniels ]. He needs her help - but can he trust her?

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 21] Coalition of the Willing
    Shown 2 May 07

    Jericho Jericho [Season 1, Episode 22] Why We Fight
    Shown 9 May 07

    Jericho Jericho [Season 2, Episode 1 ]
    Shown th February 2008 [friday]


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  • Jericho Jericho [Season 2, Episode 1] Reconstruction
    Shown 12 Feb 08

    The towns' little war is interrupted by the US Army 10th (Mountain) Division. The Army leaves a unit there to keep the peace. Their commander wants Skeet to be Jericho's sheriff, but Skeet wants revenge on Phil Constantino for his father's death.

    Lennie James discovers that the Western States have banded together. Problem is, his eeevil CIA boss is now the power behind the throne. The whole thing was an excuse for a coup d'etat.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 2, Episode 2] Condor
    Shown 19 Feb 08

    The new POTUS (POTAS, actually - President of the ALLIED States) visits Jericho. He brings a Press entourage, one of whom may be trustworthy ...

    Lennie James feels the villains closing in on him. He has to get the evidence (the NUKE!) to Texas, the unaffiliated region that holds the balance of power.

    Chavez gets himself in trouble. Can the guys rescue him before he blows their cover?

    Skeet is Sheriff and his brother is Deputy Mayor. Things are looking good. Too good, in fact. Daniel Benzali sends a big-time Ravenwood contractor to look after his interests in the town.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 2, Episode 3] Jennings & Rall
    Shown 26 Feb 08

    There's an outbreak of Hudson River Virus. The ASA government has a vaccine, but they're hoarding it and won't share it with civilians.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 2, Episode 4] Oversight
    Shown 4 Mar 08

    The town is in uproar.

    Lennie James is contacted by a Deep Throat figure. The town will be overflown by a spotter plane that can detect the bomb's radiation. Lennie must steal a page from the Colonel's dossier before the Colonel

    Mimi discovers shoddy accounting practices at J&R. Maybe someone's on the take. This leads up to a violent and heartbreaking end, and a regular character gets written out.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 2, Episode 5] Termination for Cause
    Shown 11 Mar 08

    Sheriff Skeet goes to the Colonel to get justice for the murder. Unfortunately the Colonel and his men are summoned away, leaving the town at the mercy of the murderous mercs.

    A hit team from New Berne is in town. Constantino is enraged that his town is under blockade. Their orders are to kill the woman go-between - and bring back the head merc.

    Jericho Jericho [Season 2, Episode 6] Sedition
    Shown 18 Mar 08

    The Colonel is after Skeet and their others for their part in the fight with the Mercs. Skeet is arrested, the others are declared to be insurgents. Luckily, they're good at their jobs ...

    Lennie James prepares to take the evidence to Texas. Deep Throat offers to arrange a closer rendezvous. Can the mysterious phone voice be trusted?

    Jericho Jericho [Season 2, Episode 7] Patriots and Tyrants
    Shown 25 Mar 08


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