ORBzine - 2004 UK Television Review: "Dead Last"

ORBzine - Dead Last TV Review

Dead Last
  • Kett Turton as Vaughn Parrish
  • Tyler Labine ( Invasion, Reaper ) as Scotty Sailback
  • Sara Downing as Jane Cahill
  • Wayne Pére as Dennis Budny

    Season 1

      1.   1- 1        100     14 Aug 01   Pilot
      2.   1- 2        107     21 Aug 01   Heebee Geebee's
  • Dead Last Dead Last [Season 1, Episode 3] Death Is In The Air
    Shown 24th March 2002 - Sunday

    A group of slackers from Detroit have become guardians of a magic talisman. It allows them to see and communicate with ghosts. This episode mimics the John Lithgow segment in the Twilight Zone movie , where one of the slackers is aboard a plane and a ghost tells him that the plane will crash. Nobody will believe him, so he takes his sister hostage with a knife and forces his way into the cockpit. Hmm. One assumes this was filmed prior to 11th September 2001.

    Dead Last Dead Last [Season 1, Episode 4] The Mulravian Candidate
    Shown 23rd March 2002 - Saturday

    The Slackers end up at a diplomatic function in Washington DC. The lead singer goes home with a gorgeous waitress, while the other two try to help the ghost of the Prince of Moravia.

    Dead Last Dead Last [Season 1, Episode 5] The Problem With Corruption
    Shown 6th April 2002 - Saturday

    The three slackers each get a ghost this time.

    The driver gets arrested for a traffic violation. He ends up in a corrupt court, and his legal advisor turns out to be dead!

    The bearded one becomes partner of a murdered cop [Richard Brooks - G vs E ] - a Shaft type guy nicknamed TNT!

    The girl gets a baseball player who is unhappy because everyone wrongly thinks he threw the big game.

    Dead Last Dead Last [Season 1, Episode 6] To Serve, With Love
    Shown 13th April 2002 - Saturday

    The band stop at a truck-stop motel for the night. The two guys get conscripted to help the ghost of a Bounty Hunter. He wants them to serve a supoena to his murderer!

    The girl tries to date a DJ. However, she has a supernatural stalker ...

    Dead Last Dead Last [Season 1, Episode 7] Gastric Distress
    Shown 20th April 2002 - Saturday

    The trio have to take an associate to hospital. A ghost doctor tells them the guy has a ruptured appendix, so the drummer and the babe have to operate on him!

    Meanwhile, the other band member has a personal debate about euthenasia concerning a braindead patient. Unfortunately the ending is a total cop-out.

    Dead Last Dead Last [Season 1, Episode 8] Teen Spirit
    Shown 27th April 2002 - Saturday

    The slackers drive through a redneck village in Louisiana. They run into a swamp, and discover the ghost of a teenager who died there. Meanwhile, the locals are unfriendly and there is something strange afoot ...

      9.   1- 9        101                 He Who Smelt It
     10.   1-10        102                 Laughlin It Up
    Dead Last Dead Last [Season 1, Episode 11] Jane's Exit
    Shown 18th May 2002 - Saturday

    The band get a gig at Princeton, so the babe gets to drop by and see her father [Ray Wise - Twin Peaks ]. He has a new fiance, but unfortunately her daughter is a ghost - and a bitchy cheerleader ghost at that.

    Meanwhile, the guys have to cope with a mute ghost in a basement.

    Dead Last Dead Last [Season 1, Episode 12] The Crawford Touch
    Shown 25th May 2002 - Saturday

    The band are hired by a reclusive music producer. His mansion is haunted by one of his musicians.

    It's nice to see an episode that actually involves the fact that the band are musicians!

     13.   1-13        108                 To Live And Amulet Die
    Dead Last Dead Last [Season 1, Episode 2 ]
    Shown th January 2006 [Wednesday]

    Dead Last

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