Belfast Fringe Festival 2010

Belfast Fringe Festival 2010 is a collaboration between Fringe Benefits Theatre Company and Studio NI . Check out the Facebook Group.

As a delightful side-dish to the main course of the Ulster Bank Festival in October comes the Belfast Fringe Festival. Sample from a buffet of sumptuous offerings, delivered by a collection of Northern Irish artistes, given full rein to dish up a portion of their finest creations. You will be dazzled by the unfettered creativity which is unleashed. Catch it in various venues about the city. See Press for details, email belfringeATyahooDOTcom or phone 02890 798591

Graeme Farrow, director of the Ulster Bank Belfast Festival said, The Fringe will give an additional opportunity to local artists and will add to the excitement during festival time in October.

News so far:

The Steering Group is eager to get as many people to participate as possible, especially if you have

  • a venue
  • an act or event
  • time to act as a steward during Festival events

    If you're interested, just e-mail belfringeATyahooDOTcom (yes, the e-mail address is specially formatted to fox the spam-bots)

    Good luck!

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